Who writes this?

I’m Aubrey.
I’m a slightly sassy Mormon, music-loving, artist and graphic designer with a Psych degree, who trains claims processing for a health insurance company, and is married to a handsome Tongan man. You know, the usual.

I make it a point to like life… sarcastically.
I’m lover of good spelling and grammar.
I’m a right-brainer. All things creative are my bread and butter.
I love DIY and decorating my house.
I find writing therapeutic.
I’m a laugher. Life and people are so funny to me.
I know who I am because of this.
I’m a car-dancer… I’m not ashamed.
I will karaoke battle any day of the week.

Español = amor, and I wish I knew more Tongan – it would make my life easier.
When I do something.. I do it BIG. I thrive on change.
Yes I was named after that song by Bread.
I love my family, and the University of Utah, and chewing gum, and hip hop.
I will never turn down a smoothie and my lip gloss is always poppin’.

I hope to be extraordinary someday.

This is my blog, where I talk about things.
Thanks for coming, you’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like.

Also feel free to check out my art portfolio HERE if you feel so inclined.


4 thoughts on “Who writes this?

  1. Aubrey you amazed me back in Jr. High and High School and you amaze me now!!!! 🙂 Your shiz is going on my Google Reader STAT!!!

    Melissa Vallejo

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