10/30 things. part 3. and a new name.

well. shall we start by pointing out the obvious? if you are any kind of observant, you may have noticed the large black title at the top of the page has been changed.

if you did not notice, you are clearly not any kind of observant. (sorry ’bout it!)

see.. I got married.. (surprise!) and according to the government.. my last name is no longer Wilkinson.. which makes my prior blog name sadly sort of irrelevant.

I have struggled to come up with a new name for my blog that was of the same caliber as “The Wilki Way,” and no inspiration had hit me.. I wanted to do something lame and quirky and/or alliteration-y with Havea.. like.. Have-a Good Day.. or Hello Havea.. or.. something even worse. (I know, the mind reels.) but maybe I just haven’t been an H-name long enough to know the cool associations.

and last night, as I read through dumb things on the internet.. like how my rap name could be any of the following:

Wicked Aubrey H Ritzy Slam

Juicy Aubrey A

XL Aubrey a.k.a. Madam Tender

or A Aubrey Booty Nugget

and, you know… really doing useful things with my life…

it hit me that this blog is so much a mixture of my thoughts and musings and poetry and photos and.. life.. that it’s kind of like a letter from me to cyber world. it’s like a dear diary entry.. so I should sign it, Sincerely, Aubrey.

and I liked it.

who knows, though?.. at any given moment I may re-name it to The Musings of Madam Tender Booty Nugget (gross) and you will LOVE IT.

but enough of that. let’s get on to the third installment of this questionnaire and then I will feel accomplished.

21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

dude. easy. I would be able to teleport ANYWHERE I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. like.. apparate Harry Potter style. and the first thing I would do with it? obvi. go see my husband. errrday. and then go see Europe.

22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

hm. 5 years, I see me FINALLY living with husband, in the same country, hopefully still working at my new job.. but promoted, and also doing freelance photography and design work on the side. and provided husby is fairly solidified in a career or education.. having a kid. (yikes. yi-hikes.)
10 years? I prolly wanna be done having kids, considering I’ll be 37 by then. so I guess I should get a move on in the next decade. I see us having 3 kids or so. and since husband wants to go into the military, I’m actually not sure where we’ll be living at that point. if we CAN stay close to my fam, that’d be sweet… but I kind of don’t see that happening, based on the career choice.. if that works out. but I imagine I’ll still be working at least part-time as a mom, so I can help pay the bills. but within 10 years, I should have enough freelance design and photography work and experience to really be able to contribute to our income without having to be away from home a lot. (so hire me! I’m good, I promise.)
15 years.. uh… pretty much the same as the 10 year summary.

I’ll be honest, since I don’t even have a guarantee that my husband can get in the country yet.. I’m not banking on any plans at this point. my future is extremely unknown, given that he has to start over from ground zero in education and career when he finally does get here. and I’m not sure how it’s gonna pan out. this question is making me stressed.


23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

didn’t we already do a question like this?
…maybe not.
let’s see.. in no particular order.

  • photography – I love capturing life through my point of view.. because no two points of view are ever quite the same, even of the same subject. and the darkroom and/or photoshop manipulations and edits are so much fun to me.. I love the artistry that comes through composition and manipulation of a photograph, either to portray reality, or to distort it into something else.
  • I’ll just summarize this one into a range of fine art. I love drawing with graphite the most, but I also really like working with pastels and charcoals and pen and ink.. and of course graphic design on the computer, translating from hand-drawings to computer graphics. I’m not a huge fan of painting or sculpture, but sometimes they’re aight. I guess I’m more a 2-D kind of gal. (yes I realize painting is mostly 2-D. it’s whatever.)
  • music!!! I love singing, playing the piano, and listening to (literally) all kinds of music. I can find something from every genre that I like. I grew up in a highly musical family, so that’s always been one of my favorite activities.. it’s necessary, like breathing.
  • I’m a really big sports fan. in my family, we watch sports together. it’s just what we do. and my mom screams louder at the TV/game than my dad does. I am a huge Ute fan and a Utah Jazz fan.. my favorite sports to watch are football, basketball, and rugby.. and my favorite sports to play are volleyball and softball.
  • it’s hard for me to pick a top 5 here.. I enjoy so many things.. I could say dancing, movies, reading, shopping, decorating, concerts, camping, theater.. but I think I’ll go with traveling as my other top 5 hobby. I absolutely love seeing new places, meeting new people, taking in new culture, trying new food.. I have an adventurous soul and I am always itching to go somewhere and experience something new. (I think I have to be this way in order to deal with marrying someone from another country, and potentially moving around with a husband in the military. I don’t think it would work otherwise.)

24. Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

my family dynamic hasn’t actually changed that much. I’m the oldest child and I would take the lead when we (my siblings and I) were kids with my imaginative crazy ideas.. but we were always great friends and very close. we enjoyed spending time together and playing games and watching movies, and that hasn’t changed at all. I am super close with my siblings.. we are all just older, but we are still tight. now we are just adding new spouses into the mix, who, fortunately, like hanging out with the fam just as much as we do. I feel very lucky.

25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

sheesh. I guess I’d pick Abraham Lincoln. I’m really curious as to how he was in real life.. I like him. (not as a vampire hunter.)

and we’d eat… good.. food? idk. whatever early American food was delicious.

weird question.

26. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

haha. interesting. today we just had a lesson in Sunday School about Korihor the Anti-Christ from the Book of Mormon, and how the world latches onto his attitude even today. I also have seen a couple of articles about Christ lately that have made me think.. generally I think most people accept that Jesus Christ existed, as a human being, but so many reject the notion of his divinity.. that he could be the Son of God and our Savior. if you pray in sincerity about this principle, you can feel the truth of it… unequivocally. intellectuals want to intellectualize their way out of belief and faith. but the other thing that most of the world has wrong about Christ, is, even if they believe he’s the Savior, they think they don’t have to do anything besides “believe” in him or say they accept him to be saved. the world is lazy and they want “now” results. I think deep down, we all know that it takes a lifetime of righteous living and repentance in order to be saved in the end, and then Christ makes up the difference where we fall short after all we can do. people just don’t want to work that hard. really, though.. if you think about it, life is a whole lot easier when you don’t have the consequences of bad choices and/or sin to deal with. plus, you get eternal happiness. winner!

27. What is your favorite part of your body and why?

hm… visually: my lips. my lips are shaped the way kids always doodle them. (I always wanted to be a makeup aisle lip model. haha.)
functionally: my hands. I mean, really.. what would I do without them? I have very capable hands, and I need them.

28. What is your love language?

when I have taken the love language quiz, it tells me my love language is physical touch. I also scored high in words of affirmation and quality time.

here’s the description:

Physical Touch

This language isn’t all about the bedroom. A person whose primary language is Physical Touch is, not surprisingly, very touchy. Hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face–they can all be ways to show excitement, concern, care, and love. Physical presence and accessibility are crucial, while neglect or abuse can be unforgivable and destructive.

so there’s that. (Mote.. take notes.)

29. What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I don’t really know how to say this the right way.. please don’t think I’m being conceited or something. but from the comments I get all the time, I think people think I’m really confident and good at everything. I always get comments about how talented I am and get asked things like, “Is there ANYthing you’re not good at?”
I think I come across this way because my talents are very visible. many of them are performance-related or art-related or physical, tangible things that you can see. I also realized I have been very blessed with my talents and I feel a great responsibility to not “hide my light under a bushel,” as it were.

but what I think people don’t understand or see are the insecurities inside.. or the fear of not measuring up compared to other people who are also talented in the same areas. I come across as confident, but I don’t always feel that way inside. my philosophy is always, “act like you know what you’re doing and people will believe you.”

30. List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

okay.. this question is surprisingly difficult. but I’ll give it a shot. (remember, this is what I HOPE to be remembered for.. a.k.a. things I’m still working on.)

  • a strong testimony and outstanding faith
  • my awesome sense of humor
  • the art, photos, and things I have created
  • my writing and poetry
  • my love for people
  • being a good wife, mother, grandmother, etc.
  • my spunk
  • that I stood up for what I believed in
  • that I made the world a little bit more beautiful, better place
  • the music I made

haaaaaa.. yes! I finished it!


y’welcome, internets and future posterity.


Aubrey (<—-eh??? see what I did there??? I think this could work.)


uphill both ways

well guys. I have a lot to talk about in my life right now.. but I’m just going to post a picture today. because I ran my first little race on Saturday. Cambria talked me into it because she is a running inspiration who actually does legit races like half marathons and ish. I did a 5k in Ogden in celebration of 100 years for the McKay Dee Hospital. it was cold and rainy and almost completely uphill.. but I didn’t walk at all. I was kind of proud of myself.

this is the aftermath..

I know. I’m gorgeous. stop.

it was strangely satisfying, and I felt accomplished. go team!

a Saint named George

well kids. I’ve spent a lot of time in St. George that past few weeks. and since I’m feeling show-and-telly.. I’ma post about it.

firstly, I went on a road trip with all guys.. yes. this was an adventure. nothin like a road trip with the guys to make you realize how much they see you as one of them. I went with some of my buddies from the mission.
here we have Hofe, Hall, and Cheney. woot!
what sexy beasts.
of course we took my car down.
and we had to drive clear in the crap out of the way into central Utah to pick up Hofer from Snow College in Ephraim (who goes there? it’s in the capital of nowhere) on the way down.. so we didn’t get there till the wee hours of the morning between Friday and Saturday. the reason for our journey was to visit this guy right here:
Gab Tremblay. on the right. not to be confused with Hofe, even though they are in a bromance with each other. I wish I could explain how funny these two are together. but I just can’t.
the weekend was jam-packed with shennanigans and fun. we went to bed at an indecent hour on Friday, as was expected.. slept in a bit on Saturday. Tremblay’s mom makes killer food; breakfast was amazing. then we promptly went skim boarding… after we went to Target to get me a swimsuit because I’m the genius who goes to St. George and forgets one.
let me just say that I can’t really skim board. I have to disclaim that. but I tried and I kind of did it. so we got crazy up in the red dirt that is Southern Utah, then we went to Tremblay’s pool.. I stayed in the hot tub and loved it. then we played ultimate frisbee for… ever. I love that game but I was way over it by the time that escapade finally ended.  then we hit up the Orange Peel, whose bubble tea has now become a St. George staple for me. yuss.
then Hofe, Chino, and I went back to clean up. Tremblay went to play hockey because he’s got some strange secret energy source hidden inside of him. we went to dinner at the Pasta Factory (mmm.)
and then we met up with Tremblay and friends again.
bonfire in the giant red rocks? don’t mind if I do.
it burned with the heat of a thousand suns.
errbody retreated up the rocks and watched mesmerized like people tend to do when they see fire..
except the crazies who continually fed the monster with pallets.. like Kevin, here:
so this is what St. George kids do for fun.
and then we went back to the ginormous gorgeous house of a girl named Lindsey and watched “Taken” in her pimped theater. but not before we saw her hilarious giant toilet.
apparently her dad’s sense of humor is awesome.
Sunday came and we attended church and heard Tremblay give his homecoming talk. then we had delicious food at his Dad’s house and loved listen to all the French in that French Canadian house.
and then we hit the road again. they were.. less than helpful:


and then we got home. and it was awesome.

flash forward to two weeks later…

here I am on my way to St. George… AGAIN!
with Sonya, who is looking particularly smokin’ in this picture.
and unfortunately… I forgot my camera AND my wall phone charger. I have almost no pictures of the trip. basically, it consisted of pool time (which I have clearly edited for your virgin eyes to avoid scarring and for my protection)
awesome people
so-o-o-o much laughing
dance parties
wicked awes knock knock jokes (i.e. me: knock knock! you: who’s there? me: eat mop! you: eat mop who? <– say that out loud. now. and laugh.)
food (and like 26 hundred people wanting different things and causing quite a ruckus)
shopping at TJ Max
Orange Peel bubble tea
hiking up Snow Canyon to tell ghost stories on a giant rock
singing the opening song to the Lion King at the top of our lungs in the canyon in African. because we know African.
the most hilarious.. most RIDICULOUS sacrament meeting I have attended in a long long time
(I’m immature.)
spooning in a giant bed with Michelle and Angie for two consecutive nights
church socks with gym shorts:
and did I mention pool time?

good times, guys.
good times.

in December, drinkin’ horchaaata

okay, I know it’s not December. it’s most def March. (I would be so pissed if it was December again.. starting more winter.) but it will make sense in a minute.

but what a week it has been!

Sunday you already know about, mostly. see last post.

Monday after work was a lil family party at Gram’s house because my cousin was visiting from Texas. always a good time with the fandamily. they’re funny, funny people. I heart them.

Tuesday after work (like how everything in my life happens after work? yes, I noticed that too.) I went to the temple. but this time was special.. because my bro, Isaac, was going for his first time. this is because he got his mission call at the end of Feb. oh freaking yeah.
and he is going to….

Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos!!!!!

folks, believe it or not, this is the same city my other brother went to.. just the mission that borders it. (there are like 5 missions in that ginorm city) and I don’t know who was more excited.. Isaac or Clarke

haha. oh hey Danny’s head.
aww what cute brothers I have!
anyway, the temple. there is nothing like the temple. walking into the Celestial Room and seeing my family standing in a smiling circle and feeling that peace so thick it’s tangible… that’s the only place in the world you can feel like that. period.  I’m so grateful for that blessing.

Wednesday after work I had a special little treat. I got to sit 5th row at the Energy Solutions Arena to take in the beautiful spectacle that is the Utah Jazz, baby!! fifth freaking row! thank you, Scott.
and the following things happened while I was there:
1. we sat surrounded by old dudes who are season ticket holders. the one next to me was so cute and he kept reaching underneath his seat for his water bottle, clarifying that he wasn’t trying to get “fresh” with me. ha!
2. the old bald dude in front of us stood up EVERY time the Jazz scored with his 2 young teenage friends and high-fived. every. time. but he was amusing. and pretty popular. like.. everyone knew him. and then he started high-fiving me too.
3. the Jazz bear was walking down the sloped railing like a balance beam.. guess what happened next?
yeah, he fell. not to the right. not to the left. straight down the middle. of his legs, that is. o.u.c.h. but oh my gosh, was I glad I was watching him instead of the layup by the Timberwolves at that moment. so sadly hilarious.
4.  some summation of River Dance, clogging, porcelain dolls, and square dancing happened during halftime. don’t ask me. I don’t know. it was weird.
5. I was so close to my boyfriend Paul Millsap, I think he could feel our future bond growing stronger. it’s so inevitable, I can just feel it.
6. I forgot my camera AND my phone. I, therefore, have no pictures. because I suck.
7. the Jazz killed the Timberwolves. because they are awesome at life. and I have to make a shout-out to Korver because he rocked it. it was his birthday AND St. Patty’s Day. he was jivin’.
(yeah I just said jivin’. what?)

Thursday after work (yep) I got to have a little quality bff time with Cam..
at the The Blow/Vampire Weekend concert. YEZZIR! let’s just talk about how awesome it was for a second. the girl from The Blow, as some of you may already know, is a total spaz… but amusing. she dances the whole time. and I love her music. it’s electronic but really unique.
for example:

not actually their music video.. but these dudes made a low quality video that is QUITE entertaining indeed.
the dude behind us did not share our appreciation… very vocally. and then we shut him up. and he tried to awkwardly apologize to us for disrespecting her later. haha.
but ohhh Vampire Weekend! often times… the moment I see a band perform live is the moment I truly fall in love with them. this was no exception. it was such an awesome show. and not only were their personalities cool, but they are so TALENTED! you can ask Cam, because I think I told her 52 times how much the drummer blew my mind. at one point he was playing 3 completely different beats at the same time with a foot and two arms WHILE singing harmony.  I was so impressed. and all of them are talented like that. their music is complex but entertaining, and you can tell they are actually legit musicians with a comprehensive knowledge of music theory. and very innovative. here’s my favorite song of theirs. probably not the most musically complex, as I just finish raving about that… but freakin’ awesome. I give you.. California English:

and by the way, the title of this post is from their song “Horchata.” another beauty.
here they are in real life:
no, your eyes do not deceive you. the dude on the keys had 5 keyboards out at one point. I want his job. (I think I’ve said “dude” like 5 times in this post, alone. you know you love it.)

does one dare to think this week is not even over yet?

tonight (after work) is a movie + hockey.
and tomorrow (NOT after work! pah!) Cam and I are shooting a wedding.. as in.. photographing it. ack!! so excited!

my life is good. kbye.

letters to everything

dear the Jazz,
I love you. that was rad.

dear Las Vegas,
I’ll see you tomorrow. save me some sunshine, some theatrics, some Kodak moments, and some neon lights. I’m coming.

dear tanning bed,
you sunburned a distinct line around my armpits, which stayed white. it looks hilarious.

dear aloe vera after sun lotion,
you’re a good friend.

dear tax return,
that was cool of you to come early. my credit card bill thanks you.

dear car repair shop guy,
you scared me for a minute with your apparently under-the-table arrangement with the dude who hit my trunk and is paying out-of-pocket. but thanks for resolving it.

dear work,
I won’t miss you all weekend. not even a little bit.

dear goosebumps,
go away.

dear packing,
you are not one of my talents. well.. packing lightly, that is. I am attempting to put an overly large portion of my closet in a weekend bag.

dear dating,
we are on an indefinite break. kthanks.

dear girls in my life,
we need to fill one spot in the small girls’ trip that has recently been vacated to go to San Fran. in April. and you should contact me if you want details.

dear my mission,
I miss you.

much love,


if I could type the instrumental olympic theme here, I would.

I guess technically I could type it.. dummm dummmm da dum dum dum dum, dum dum da dum, da dum dum dum da da dum dum dummmm.. psh! (that’s how you type a cymbal sound.)

but now that you’re all dumber for having read that, I’ll stick with my original title.

anyway. I just wanted to share with the cyber world how much I adore the olympics. they’re mind-blowing to me. I find them to be kind of like crack cocaine in the respect that my life is kind of deteriorating around my addiction, but I just want more. they’re so inspiring! so tear-jerking! so amazing! so.. painful!

okay so maybe a “deteriorating” life is a strong word choice. I actually do function and fulfill my responsibilities like a normal human being.. except going to the gym. because night time is my usual gym time, but sitting on the couch to watch OTHER people be athletic has been winning every time over panting on a treadmill.
okay… maybe wheezing and gasping on a treadmill.
(poor dear body.. I promise I’ll take you to the gym tomorrow.)

olympics! you are stealing my sleep and making me pudgy! JERKS! I love you!

my nba boyfriend


let’s talk for a second about the Jazz.

I know, they lost to the lame Lakers last night, and that was a sad day.
but up until that point.. 9 wins straight. boss.

and Sig and I went to the game against the Sacramento Kings just recently.

22nd row, lower bowl. how, you ask? Sig’s mom has a rad home teacher who offered tickets last minute. I had gotten us movie tix already, but we decided to opt for the free Jazz game instead. good choice.


with a special spotlight on my boyfriend…

oops. 🙂

I mean………

Mr. Paul Millsap!

okay, he’s not ACTUALLY my boyfriend. but someday when we meet and he converts.. you know.

or Wesley Matthews. I saw him at the Murray Smith’s the other day.
that was special.

but I wanted to share with you my favorite picture of the night:

hahaha. I’ll let it speak for itself.

and then victory was ours

and pictures of jumbo trons clearly don’t work..

and it rained streamers

and we all lived happily ever after.

oh. and p.s.
are super overrated.
all hairography, no skill. I could have danced circles around them compared to what they were doing.
and I hope somebody out there appreciates my obscure Glee reference. I feel like Mr. Schu just smiled a little.