so fresh in frisco

well kids. since I often use this blog as my travel log mostly for myself to be able to look back on my sweet vacays more than I’m sure you care about the details of my trips.. it’s that time again! I will be using photos taken by myself, Cam, and Tara, without their permission. sorry friends.

last weekend, Cambria, Tara, Angie, and myself ventured to the land of San Francisco to celebrate my 25th birthday. yikes. the old age begins to set in.
but I’m tellin ya.. Cali style is the way to go for ringing in landmark birthdays. it was quite the awesome little trip, packed with great adventures. put on your seatbelts, keep your hands and arms where I can see them, and note the nearest exit. this one’s gonna be long. in fact, I’ma do it in shifts. here’s the first half of the trip.

there was a lot of travel time because we layed over both on the way home and on the way back in order to save dinero. (except Ang who flew directly from Colorado from another vacation. she lives it up.)appropriately, the first photo of the trip was this, taken by Cam as she and I checked our bags…
please note the sign above Tara’s head, and laugh with us.
and then we waited.. and took a photo or two.
and then our plane activities included:

and lots of talking…and laughing…and the male flight attendant flirting at us.
oh and what you half see in Cam’s hand above is frozen yogurt from Pinkberry. we lost our Pinkberry virginity in L.A. and we loved it. so delicious.

then we finally arrived in San Fran!!! and we were pretty sure we were going to lose our lives as we struggled to find and take the BART (basically like the subway) to the area of our hotel. fortunately on the airport light rail we sat by a very nice guy named Steven, who is a local. he directed our path and helped us figure out BART tickets and told us good restaurants to hit up. he was a godsend at that moment. once on BART, I counted and we literally had 7 dudes sitting around us looking shady and watching our every move. no photos were taken because we are not that stupid. after we made our way to Powell Street and Union Square at long last, we were accosted by yelling homeless men at every turn. one tried desperately to give us directions as we looked at a map. luckily we found our way without much trouble and we were quite close, right in the center of all the action at Union Square. and then angel choirs sang and a pillar of light illuminated the surrounding area as we realized our hotel was right next door to the largest H&M we had ever seen. (this store does not exist in Utah.. but we are absolutely obsessed.)
our hotel was very cool. we neglected to take photos of the wicked awesome decor.. so.. this is what it looks like. but a lot smaller than those photos make it look. but it was cool. we just needed beds. we had plans.
here we are Cam and I exploring it.. and Tara photographing our mulis.. and Cam looking like a midget in the background. hahaha.
and then it was out to dinner to the Mason Street Diner, at the recommendation of the concierge, in the middle of the night.
my turkey avocado sandwich was delish. excuse the blurry phone pic.
and the half of Cam’s Santa Fe something or other that I traded for was even better. and I think we weirded out the Swedish waitress by asking for a side of mayo to make fry sauce. but whatev. that trend needs to catch on worldwide. end of story.

Angie arrives in the morning and we, of course, had to get a group shot now that we were complete:
we headed out on the town to buy our City Passes and start our sightseeing.. but the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) was not open till 11. wanh wanh wanh.
I love this photo by Cam of us outside the doors.. just waiting with our electronics:
so we headed across the street to walk around a little town square thing that we found. I still don’t know what it was, exactly.. but it was lovely.
photo on self-timer by Cam:

there was a gorgeous garden up there. we took an excessive number of pics. (seriously.) I’ll spare you and just post a flower one that I took.
(the above and the following are all by Cam.)

basically this city is beautiful. everything is artsy and if it isn’t.. it doesn’t fit there. the design, the style, the everything just screams swagger. I could post so many pictures from Fri morning that it would take up pages. but that would be not so exciting for you, readers.. so I’ll restrain.
except this one I took.. because it makes me laugh so hard. every. time.
and then the SFMOMA finally opened.. so we hit it up. it was pretty fabulous. I saw multiple works by Picasso and Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams, just to scratch the surface of naming a few. it was basically heavenly.
the following are some photos we could get in the limited allowed areas.. and a couple that we sneaked:

and then we rode the bus to Chinatown for lunch at City View or something like that.
the staff barely spoke English and was irritated at us for not knowing what we were doing. but it was good food.
and then we walked around and took another bazillion photos.
here are a couple:
bahahaha. yes that’s what you think it is. yes that really happened. photo by Cam.
and then we walked to the trolley stop to take a ride.
here we are waiting
because we pose like cheeseballs on the regular while waiting.
and then the trolley ride was wicked awesome. I rode hanging onto the side like I was hardcore.

then we shopped our little guts out at H&M. ’nuff said.

then… we saw “WICKED!!”
this was the part of the trip I was probably most excited about.
totally loved it. I think I annoyed everyone singing “Defying Gravity” over and over afterwards.. but I couldn’t get it out of my head.
love this shot of my friends:
we got out so late, most restaurants were closed. so after much debating, we ended up ordering pizza to our hotel room. and we played dress up with as many accessories as we could get on ourselves. because we are rockstars.

stay tuned for the post about the second half of the trip including my actual birthday, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, new friends, the Exploratorium, the Aquarium, the Bay Cruise, etc.
I know you’re on the edge of your seat!