the winds of change are blowin wild and free

so it’s been almost 2 months, okay?

…don’t look at me in that tone of voice…


…fine. you want me to prove it?

brief scattered recap of the past 2 months commencing in 5..4..3..2..

Bon Jovi Concert

Festival of Colors

Featured in the SLCC Art Show

General Conference

Girls’ Night Out at The W Lounge
(which got our photo snapped and featured in City Weekly! faaaamous.)

New Rogue Hair 
Kidney Stoner Surgery Part II

Chiddy Bangs and Mike Posner Concert

Ward Carnival/Face Paint Artistry/Helium Balloons

Karaoke Night at Maggie McGee’s with Co-Workers

School, School, School/Projects, Projects, Projects as seen here

my primary distraction…
being head over heels for this guy right here:yeah. in a move that has caused quite a stir, my Facebook status has officially changed to, “in a relationship,” and I have never been so happy.
and in news directly related to that… my ticket is now officially booked (due to the wonderful generosity of my awesome uncle) and…..

I am going to NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!

le sigh…. I cannot WAIT!

but before I do that…

this summer brings me one huge adventure in the form of this place

San Antonio, Texas, baby!! I have been offered a summer internship with Del Sol until August, so I am off to Texas to live it up in the heat and culture for 3 months. I’m STOKED! but this means I have lots and lots and lots to do. (including moving out of the Yellow House, which breaks my heart. but.. please refer to the title of this post a la Garth and/or Adele. basically my whole life is flipping upside down and I didn’t see it coming.. but I’m loving it.)


I think I’ve proved my point. so now that you believe me… I have a To Do list that’s like ten miles long.



old lady bikinis and the foot bird

the past week has been… ridiculous?

let me break it down a little.

within an hour, I dropped my phone and shattered its screen (it still works but it looks like a spiderweb) and BROKE my toe.

luckily I work with a bunch of medical professionals who helped me put ice in a glove and tape it and wrap  it.. and.. as I changed the ice glove throughout the night, the wrapping probably got worse. eventually the fingers started popping out and I accidentally started flipping the world off for its offenses against me, and thus the foot bird was born:

my students were HIGHLY amused.

THEN.. I went to my figure drawing class Monday and Wednesday this week.. and the model our professor had hired happened to have been modeling in art classes since 1984, kids. yes. that’s before I was even born.
yes. she was old and wrinkly.. and yes. she was wearing a bikini. and yes.. you could see hair where you would NEVER want to see hair. just sayin.


please don’t throw up on your computer. that’s sick.

and THEN.. my work decides to drop a bomb on me, expecting me to be overjoyed and throw a party, that they have decided to merge my two classes into one and I will be cut to part-time. woohoo! yay economy!

so. since positivity is a choice.. let’s talk about the upsides to the week:

I lost 2 lbs.
I won’t have to work nights anymore!!
I have the BEST roommates in the world.. who got me gorgeous tulips and iced my toe and kept me laughing.

Happy Friday!

I like it, like it

Annnnd here we are. the first decade of the 2000’s has passed, and it’s time to move on to a better and brighter future. I’m gonna do myself a favor and pretend most of 2010 didn’t happen, considering it was …. not my favorite year of life. mmk?

That’s not to say it was all bad.. for example, Christmas was wonderful.. because I love my family. they are the coolest. (obvi, since they produced me.) AND I love Jesus.

but so far, I have no qualms with 2011. I started it out right.. in Vegas with my best friends. (following photo stolen from Cam’s Facebook)

usually I hate New Years because it’s so overrated and anti-climactic, (and that includes New Years Resolutions. ridick. I don’t do those.) but that was New Year’s done right.

in summary:

  • First night in St. Geezy, lunch with Elsie and boutique/outlet shopping to remedy the fact that the ONLY pair of jeans I brought definitely had a gaping hole in the crotch. I mean, I know I was going to Vegas, but I wasn’t tryna go to quite that extreme.
  • GHETTO Imperial Palace hotel with a bomb central strip location
  • s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g. biggest H&M in the world in Caesar’s Palace? okey dokey. when do I move in?
  • food, food, foooooood. The Hash House, something I can’t remember the name of in Planet Hollywood that was yum, and Dick’s Last Resort. The latter was HILARIOUS, but the only appropriate picture I feel comfortable posting for all the world to see is the picture of my Diet Coke with 25 straws in it. if you have never been there.. oh man. it’s a special place.
  • L.A. comedy show at the Four Queens
  • Fremont Street crazy drunk homeless dudes who loved us
  • Karaoke. Me, Mariah Carey, and my own personal groupie. Dance-off.
  • New Years kisses
  • Fireworks! (I hate you, Katy Perry, for ruining that word for me forever. I have never felt, and will never feel, like a plastic bag.)
  • Observing Black Jack and playing Zeus II once — not my fave.
  • We’re sober, cuz around me they be actin like dey dru-u-unk. And that’s a fact.. people are crazy in Vegas. It was very amusing.
  • Seeing all the pretty people.. especially in the Cosmopolitan. That is a swanky hotel/casino, kids. It was pretty swaggerific.
  • The fact that I got to escape from Utah for a few days

Also in recent news…

MUCH needed girls’ night out with my beautiful roommates. we danced our bums off and laughed in between. it was pretty epic.


my first ever legit trip to Crystal Hot Springs during which I did not sneak into a hotel pool and get the cops called. I have no idea what that would be about.

it was lovely and mineral-y and hot!

and finally……

today I started school again after a 4-year absence. let’s be honest, it’s uber-weird to be a student now that I’m also a teacher. it gives me whole a different perspective. I might even be quite well-behaved this time around.

but know what’s awesome? the fact that I only get to take what I used to consider to be “fun” classes. I was crazy not to do this before. (p.s. for those of you just coming in to this news, I’m going back to study graphic design so I can pretty much change my whole career. woop!)

k.. that’s all I’m sharing for today. I hope you’re grateful for all these AWESOME crappy phone pictures. yeah-yuh!! byeeeeeeeee!

stick this in your pants and shake it


did I seriously go the entire month of september without posting a single thing?

I am a joke of a blogger.

ahem. I missed so much ish I don’t even know where to begin. let’s just say… that I had the craziest 48 hours of my life on a road trip to L.A. to see SoCo yet again the weekend after I saw them in SLC.. and that was so boss. during which time Cam and I bonded with our new adorable roommate, Natalie. we picked her up when the stork dropped her on our porch from the lovely state of Washington.. and we couldn’t be happier about our newest addition.

So then.. it was Labor Day. and that called for a trip to Angie’s cabin at Bear Lake. ahhh yeaahyuh. it was a perfect (and perfectly confusing) little weekend getaway, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. here’s Abe and I on the deck (being rihtards) overlooking the lake:

following which.. more madness ensued. I’ve been going on a slew of dates lately.. so that’s cool. but it also means I neglect things like blogs, etc. funny how when you have a life you don’t have time to talk about it, eh?

anyway, the most recent exciting news to share comes in the form of conference weekend this past Fri-Sun. for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is LDS General Conference. it happens twice a year and those two weekends probably win my favorite weekends out of the whole year. I get so excited and happy and filled from the outpouring of the Spirit and revelation through inspired church leaders.

and I think I should have known by now, but I didn’t even think about the fact that I just needed to reserve the whole weekend for mission reunion activities. Friday night was my official mission reunion, the first one with the mission president and his wife actually being released and able to attend. it was the BEST! but the most overwhelming and fabulous part was when my favorite companion from New Zealand (you might remember her from this post), Audrey Nonoa, decided to show up and surprise me. I literally about had a brain aneurism and screamed and jumped on her little 5’2″ frame. here’s us with the gorgeous Kristi Jensen.. another fave from the mission:

she stayed with me that night and we hung out with mission people throughout the weekend. the only thing that threw a big wrench into our fun was the fact that I had to work an extra Saturday in order to get certified to teach CPR to my students, so I had to drop her off at a friend’s after 3 hours of sleep, and go to work for a few hours. L to the ame. this is one of the funniest photos that’s passed through my phone in awhile. we were laying in bed at like 7am when I had to get up, and I took a photo of us, but forgot that my flash is so bright that it scorches retinas to the lowest level. this is the result:

hahahaha. it’s ok.. you can laugh… we are gorgeous.

then we went to lunch at Abe’s house and that night, as well as the night before post-reunion, went to a dance that was pretty much straight Polynesians. I was pretty sure I had graduated to the seventh level of heaven. but I was one of like 3 white people there. sweet. it was a blast, though. then we hit up conference downtown and had to go into the overflow theater in the conference center. still wonderful, and we happened to sit next to a member family visiting Utah from our mission. what a “coincidence!” here’s a blurry us sitting in the theater:

all in all.. my life is good. good things are happening along with the lame.

this is me highlighting it. yeah baby, yeah!