you cannot stop it

and then……… last weekend I went to Lake Powell with Cambria, her co-worker, Linda, and family plus cute friend, Amanda, and my friend Dave Glauser and his friend, John. it was a random conglomeration of people. but it was awes. perfect temps, great water, lots of climbing, a nice end-of-summer tan, bomb food, and lots of laughs.

a ver:

and what I particularly wanted to share was this little gem of a video illustrating how awesome Cambria and I are when we get around a sunset, isolation, diet coke, and sugar… but wordpress is telling me something is wrong with the file type, and it is entirely too late to be screwing with ish like that. sorry blog world.

so instead, I’ll just stick in some pics from my phone that I didn’t post to facebook, along with a couple of edits.

and whilst I was in Lake Powell.. and for days before and after that.. my parents were in London.

that’s right.


without me.

and I was bitter.

a little bit.

but it was curbed when they brought me home this hat

plus other cool prizes. AND. English chocolate.

I have died and gone to heaven, folks. I hope you enjoy your time here on earth in my absence.

actually that was a lie. I don’t think I’d be taking the time to blog about life in heaven if I was really there. sorry. I’m not THAT faithful about it.

but it was close.


lake POW!

well here I am.. back home on solid dry ground, no longer a Powell virgin. my skin is uber-bronzed. (just ask everyone. they’ll attest. I got called a freak of nature today at work.) but it was a wicked awesome week in Lake Powell! I had a blast. we stayed on a houseboat and it’s taken me till today to get rid of the sensation that the whole room is still rocking like a houseboat.  

everything went down, from water sports to swimming to cliff jumping to laying out on the houseboat ( just Jimmy Eat World and me) to dance parties to sightseeing to a disgusting poop geyser explosion on our houseboat while we were trying to pump it out. (I can’t describe the atrocity. just know it was awful.) and my neighbor, my young women leader all growing up told me she had been discussing it with my other former young women leader, and they decided that I look skinnier in a swimsuit than I do in “real life.” …… um. thanks? for the compliment/insult. apparently I shouldn’t be wearing clothes.

Picnik collageRainbow Bridge’s Angels.
Picnik collage6

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage4

 and the sucky part…
Picnik collage5

(I’m hesitant about posting part because it feels like embarrassing confession time. but.. here it is anyway.) remember how we talked about how I don’t know how to waterski? or wakeboard? well I still don’t. actually, that’s kind of not true.. because I was basically up on both of them, I just couldn’t stay up long enough to really get going. and at the end of the week, by the time I got super close to getting the hang of it, my forearms and hands were shot to you know where, and I could no longer legitimately hold onto the rope.
so the end result was me really frustrated. but maybe someday I will get it. do you think my future husband will still love me if I can’t waterski?

but all in all.. a FABULOUS week! I heart you, Lake Powell!

this is the part where you surrender

aight. so Cam tagged me + I’m stuck at work on a Friday night + I kinda wanna hit myself in the face with a 2×4 = THIS!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago

5 years ago.. 2004. ummm…
1. living it up at Utah State. around now I was wrapping up my crazy awesome shennanigan-filled freshman year.

2. summer and fall came.. working at Sam’s Club. yeah-yuh.

3. driving the Subie. R.I.P.

4. bein real dumb in the dating department. REAL. real. dumb.

5. chillin with Elsie and Amanda and Lori a lot.

5 Things on My To-Do-List

1. go to school again. (see last post.) except I’m bumping it up to this fall instead of spring.

2. go to New Zealand and Europe. and the DR. possibly even live in Europe on a study abroad. I’m thinkin England.

3. get a new car.

4. find another job.

5. learn how to waterski. how pathetic that I don’t know, right? but hopefully that travesty will be righted at Powell in like a week and a half.

5 Places I’ve Lived

 1. Sugarhouse, UT

2. Kaysville, UT

3. Logan, UT

4. Tampa, FL

5. Fort Myers, FL

(6. Bradenton, FL)

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years

1. be a graphic artist

2. be married

3. prolly have a kid

4. be recording music

5. travel regularly.. see aforementioned travel list

5 People I Tag

mm… nah.

you see, what’s happening here is…

I’m working till 11pm for the second night in a row. and you know what else? I WOULD be working until 11pm tomorrow night, Friday night, if it weren’t for one detail that my supervisor was kind enough to understand about my life and the travesty working tomorrow night would be, and switched the schedule so I’d be back here 8 hours later instead. and that detail would be.. that I’m heading into my mid-twenties like some sort of bullet.
yes. you heard me right. in about 2 and a half hours I won’t be able to claim 23 any longer.. it’s 24 from here on out. and it sort of makes me feel like my stomach just bubbled to think about it.

I don’t know.. this could be a happy stomach bubble. all I know is that it’s there. and I’m unsure about how to combat it.

I just think to myself, “thank the stars that my grandma still doesn’t think I’m too old to send me grape flavored roll-on lip gloss and pink m&m’s in the mail for Easter,” and apply another coat. 
because all I’ve heard for days is, “Aubrey! you’re old!” or some variation thereon. curse you, Utah, for warping people’s normal age senses!

let’s talk about something else for a second.

my body hurts. like everywhere in the core region is burning. why? because I want skin cancer. give me skin cancer!!!! 
I hit up the tanning bed for the first time in 2 years in an attempt to build a post-mission base tan for Lake Powell next month (YES!) and my everything hates me for it right now. but just you wait.. my everything will love me when I’m basking on that house boat. but until that day.. my clothes are my current worst enemy.

also. I decided I still have a lot to learn about blogging. I don’t understand the jargon that the experts use.