Bats. Real ones.

I tried to upload a video from my phone of the time, two days ago, when I watched 1.5 million bats fly out from under the Congress Street Bridge in Austin. but apparently the video is the wrong format. and I don’t want to upgrade to costly wordpress instead of free wordpress. (–>cheap<–)

I also considered just leaving this blog post blank..
because the title is kind of enough.

but I’ve been seeing and reading and laughing and thinking.. so here are some thinks.

I h.a.t.e. it when M’s internet is down. it’s been 3.5 days now. it makes me feel like I’m walking through a pool about waist-deep because everything feels harder and like it’s in slow-motion. Missing someone makes you realize that he is essential to your well-being. my phone battery is going dead everyday from my constant and hopeful checking of messages.

Austin is lovely. I was up to my earlobes in unique and pretty treasures that I wanted and needed just by perusing two amazing Congress Street shops. and I found my best friend’s wedding gift.

today I took a tour of the river in San Antonio via riverboat. the entire time a 4 year-old boy named Danny had a kicking war with me and then moved on to a finger war and then a hand-stacking war. it was one of the greatest times I’ve had all month. he had a faux hawk all the way down the back. I told him he is mi nuevo novio. his mother scolded him in Spanish the entire ride. his parents wanted me to keep him.

^those photos counted as thoughts ^ 

I went to the most expensive restaurant I’ve been to since we came to Texas tonight, and it was ironically the worst experience I’ve had in a restaurant since we’ve been here. but thank you for my $13 appetizer that was a bed of spinach leaves and 4 thumb-sized slices of pan-seared tuna. and your guac was good. won’t be back.

there is now a Justin Bieber poster hanging in my room at the foot of Lisa’s bed. I never thought that would happen to me in my life. but Ryan Reynolds is also there to diffuse the situation.

today I read a poem that goes like this:

On Art

I don’t think art

is so much a tribute to beauty

as it is a good reminder

that we don’t have to be so boring

-Dallin Bruun

I never want to be boring.

Cars 2. yes. made me miss my friends.

I also miss my dog, Shandi, because she is cute and the sweetest dog in the world. she turns 8 on Monday. my sister suggested we baptize her.

today I emailed Dan Dan the Volvo man about where my oil pan is when it ought to be in my vehicle. he sent me bad news but then quickly followed up with good news and I hope it arrives by Monday. my Volvo (M named it the Go-Getta) has been sitting at the curb in front of the apartment for weeks looking wistful and lonely. and walking to work on humid mornings makes me feel like a sweaty monkey.

I recently had my first paid design job for a little icon within an iPhone app called Calvetica. my icon is an absolutely minimal contribution, but it made me feel official. I am a graphic designer after 1 semester of school.

and I never shared my great news.. I got a departmental tuition waiver from my school for the whole upcoming school year! a.k.a. they are paying for me to go to school. it took much effort and turning in an essay on the day of my kidney stone surgery as I almost threw up in the line and then a portfolio review with several professors at a very long table and it made me feel naked as they passed around my artwork and asked me questions…. so that phone call telling me I got the waiver was magical. the timing of this waiver is also magical, given upcoming immigration expenses for M in my life.

I hated the movie “Waiting for Forever.”

did I mention I miss M? 😦

okay… no more thinks right now.

goodnight, moon.


For B

My cute friend, Miss Shelby, has been requesting a blog post for quite some time about “why I went on a mission.” I have been neglecting her request, partially due to lack of time, and partially because it is such a deep, large, personally enveloping story that it is a little bit hard to know how in depth to go with it on a public, available for all to see, site. The nature of personal spiritual experiences is sacred, and just that — personal. But today I received some news that has shaken me and caused my heart to ache for that mission I hold so dear.. because of the people I grew to love.

It’s something I think about and miss to some degree every single day of my life. It changed my everything. It solidified my testimony of my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the fact that they have restored their church and their Gospel to this earth again today. It helped me understand the big picture.. an understanding that all too often slips away from me now, having been home almost 2 years (in December. weird.) I didn’t know it before I went, but I was going for so many reasons.. I was going for the people, I was going to build the kingdom, I was going to acquire new skills, I was going for my family and friends, I was going to learn about the world, I was going to prepare for the future, but most of all I think I was going to change. And a huge part of that change came about due to the amazing people I met throughout that 19 month period. These are people I will never allow to leave my heart. I hold them so dear. One of them emailed me tonight with some incredibly hard news. One of the young teenage daughters of one of my favorite member families has been diagnosed with cancer. When I heard the news tonight at work, I broke down in silent tears, and they kept flowing on the drive home. My heart is heavy for this wonderful family. They are rock solid examples of faith and generosity and optimism in the face of adversity. I hope you, my readers, will keep them in your prayers as they go through what may be some of the hardest experiences they ever face.

And this grave news has caused me some reflection, as situations like this often do. I think that’s part of the reason God puts them in front of us.. because it humbles us, and it forces us to remember. I feel sheepish every time it reoccurs.

And so in honor of this wonderful family and the way I came to know them, here you go, Shelb:

It was October 19, 2006 when I got the answer that changed my life foreva eva. Oh my goodness. That was 4 years ago today. Now it’s 1:30am on the 20th, but I didn’t even realize that correlation until now. Coincidence?
My brother had just left on his mission to Brazil on October 10th and I had met with the bishop the Sunday prior to get some counsel regarding my life. I graduated from the U the following spring and I had recently been feeling I was coming to a crossroads in my life. I basically figured I had 3 options: Go to grad school, go on a mission, or work and travel and play. The bishop told me I needed to figure out if a mission was logistically plausible and suggested I have my dad give me a blessing of counsel. I asked him for one that day, but we were busy. The following day my brother was being set apart since he was flying out Tuesday to go to the Missionary Training Center in Brazil. The stake presidency came to our house that night and my brother received a beautiful blessing that brought tears to everybody’s eyes. When they left, my family and my grandparents sat around the kitchen table discussing my brother and missions. My brother read his patriarchal blessing aloud and then each of us ended up reading ours as well. As I started to read mine, answers from long sessions of prayer and scripture study began to wash over me.. feelings of peace and love overwhelmed me and I had to choke back tears to hide it from everyone else. As I progressed further into the blessing it discussed spreading the Gospel and that I would take part in spreading it in ways that the Lord would make known to me. (that’s a small paraphrase of the basic idea) my grandma’s immediate reaction was, *gasp* “a mission!” I thought that was interesting considering that she didn’t know my recent thoughts, coupled with her consistent example of faith and being in tune with the spirit. Later that night, my dad gave Clarke (my brother) a father’s blessing. It was also incredible and a little more personal to him and it brought me to tears again because, up to that point, I’d been having a really hard time with him leaving. We are very close and I felt like I was losing a best friend. During that blessing I was filled with comfort, and after that I just felt excitement and happiness for him for this grand adventure he was about to have. The next day when we took him to the airport, I watched him walk away and felt excited about and almost a little jealous of what lay ahead of him.

But back to Monday night.. then came my turn. My dad gave me the blessing I’d asked for, and it was the most powerful blessing I have ever had. The Spirit was so strong it was almost tangible. Every word that came out of his mouth was an answer to my personal prayers — things my dad could never have known were weighing heavy on my mind and heart. Again he talked about Heavenly Father’s enormous love for me and I felt surrounded by love and peace, but also very exposed and humble. Heavenly Father knows me inside and out. He knows every nook and cranny; every subtlety. I became very aware that He is completely mindful of me, despite my insignificance and my headstrong rebellion. My dad went on to talk about the direction my life should take. Up until this time, I had thought it might be one of those situations where I had several good options before me and Heavenly Father would be fine with whatever I decided to do. However, my dad said in the blessing that there is one specific thing I was supposed to be doing and that God had a specific purpose and plan for me at that time. This, in and of itself, was a tremendous help and comfort. My dad said he wished he could tell me at that time what it was, but that Heavenly Father wanted me to study it out in my mind like it says in the Doctrine and Covenants, and to go to Him in humble prayer.

Just then I had the distinct impression and image of Heavenly Father as my father — not just God. I’ve never felt that so strongly before, and I felt even more humbled at the time, getting a glimpse of just how glorious He is and just how lowly and small I am. My dad told me the answer would be coming quickly and that I would not have to wait long for it, as time was of the essence. Immediately following the blessing, my dad said that he had the distinct impression that it was really only one of two choices: mission or grad school.
Boom. I probably would have opted to stay and work and travel to Europe and explore life if it was up to me.. but the Lord knows me better than I do.

For the next week, I prayed and thought and talked it out and prayed and thought some more. I felt mixed feelings when I thought about a mission because I knew what a sacrifice it would be to leave everything behind and go to some random place to work my butt off. I was under no illusion that it would be easy. I also considered the financial and emotional strain on my parents. I didn’t want to leave normal music and clothes and friends and dating and all of my mundane little me-world things behind.. but I also thought that not being willing to give that up for awhile to serve the Lord would be selfish of me, and despite all the hesitations, I felt like the lifelong blessings that would result from it would far outweigh the drawbacks, and make it all worth it. I loved the idea of attaining that higher level of spirituality, and how could I not want to go out and share this beautiful Gospel with others who don’t have it in their lives?

Conversely, when I thought about grad school, I had zero positive feelings. That could have been because the prospect of more school sounded about as appealing as gnawing my arms off at that point, or it could have been guidance from the Spirit. Maybe both.

I continued to wrestle with the idea, coming back multiple times to a feeling I had had maybe a year prior that I should serve a mission, though at that point it wasn’t the right time yet. I thought about the scripture in D&C 6:22-23 that says, “cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart… did I not speak peace to your mind concerning this matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?” I wondered if God had already given me my answer, so I decided after much prayer and deliberation that I would move forward in the direction of a mission and let the Lord either confirm it or say no.

October 19th rolled around and I went to my institute class with Brother Keaton, a dear family friend. He had us sit on the floor with our eyes closed. He turned off the lights and turned on a piano arrangement of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” while he read the account in the Book of Mormon from 3 Nephi 11 of Christ coming to the Americas after his Resurrection. It was powerful. Suddenly I felt a tingly feeling in my chest that manifested to me that the Lord loves me more than I can comprehend and that I was supposed to serve a mission. It slapped me in the face.
(I should also mention that I have been sitting here listening to a mix of music from my mission throughout the composition of this post and “ironically” “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” started playing as I wrote this section of the story. This just gets better.)

I went home and told my mom I was going on a mission. That night, I went to my home stake institute class. I know it’s a lot of institute in one day, but I needed spiritual guidance. Guess what the lesson was on?
Yeah. Missionary work. I felt like I was being kicked in the face at this point.. like, “Hello. Can I make this any more clear? You are supposed to go.” One scripture in particular was poignant, D&C 31:3 “Life up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come: and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy to this generation.”

Got it. I can take a hint.

From there it all fell into place. I entered the MTC to prepare for service in the Florida Tampa Mission on May 23 of 2007 and never looked back.

I don’t know if anyone will even care to read this post, since it’s turned out to be so long.. but if it helps someone, then I’m happy. I know I needed to talk about it tonight. I can never doubt the reality of the answer I got that I needed to serve a mission, and the multiple confirmations throughout that year and a half that I was in the right place, learning the right language, with the right people.

If you are unfamiliar with many of the terms/phraseology I’ve used in this post (because it’s definitely weird if you haven’t been Mormon culture-ified), check out or ask me. I’ll explain.

The church is true, folks.

It really is true.

servicing salt lake county

so here’s the story:

Saturday night I go to this mission dinner mini-reunion at Chili’s, right? it’s not the usual mission crowd that I chill with, but my plans to go to Sundance for the free 30 Seconds to Mars concert were foiled by inclement weather in the canyon. ruff.
so… backup was the dinner. I braved it, despite misgivings about who might be in attendance. none of my faves were going.

well.  it maybe makes the top 15 most ridiculous nights list.

there I am sitting on the end of the table surrounded by 4 English-speaking ex-Elders. (I served my last 9 months in the “Language Zone” where I was only surrounded by Spanish and Haitian Creole-speaking missionaries. I’m not super integrated into the English crowd.) they took it upon themselves to talk about all of the most apostate stories from the mission for the entirety of the night. I was appalled and a little amused at the sheer ridiculousness. I had nothing to contribute.

then an ex-sister and ex-elder who are now dating decide to announce to everybody that they, in fact, eloped to Vegas last weekend.


“it’s true!” they insist. I call b.s.
I think I said about 15 times that I thought they were lying. it was just so… something they would do.
anyway they get the whole group believing them, even me reluctantly accepting the claim with a heavy dose of skepticism.

the next day she posts a status on Facebook.. “yeah Chili’s last night, that was a joke.”
called it.

lame. (no offense if either of you happen to read this. ahem.)

and then to top off the night..

as we get our checks (for my sick nasty cheesy potato soup. nobody told me that ish was loaded to the max with queso. and as a reminder.. I loathe cheese. with all my heart.)
our waiter goes around asking about splitting them up. he gets to me and says, “are you solo?”
me: “yep.”
him: “what’s a pretty girl like you doin’ solo??”
me: (assuming it was typical waiter-trying-to-jack-up-the-tip banter) “I guess I’m just an independent woman.”
him: “I’ll have to give you my card.”
me: “ha. yeah.”

homeboy comes back with the check. behind my credit card lies a card. a business card. he wasn’t joking.
and this was not just any business card… this was a MOBILE MASSAGE business card!! his catch phrase is: “Servicing Utah and Salt Lake Counties in the convenience of your home or business” and “Specializing in outcall services.”

let’s clarify one important detail: he’s like 40.

if that is indeed his age, he is 7 years younger than my father.

needless to say, I got made fun of.

and while we’re on this topic,

shall we tell another?
yes. this is a story about Halloween night that has never been shared, and that’s kind of a travesty. we’ll see how good my memory is.

so Cam and Tara and I hit up a Halloween house party. it was pretty bumpin’ and packed, but being that it was a Mormon one, it didn’t go super late.  afterwards we decide to take advantage of half price sushi after 10:30pm at Shogun in SLC for our own personal after-party. (ohhh mylanta. go there. please do it. it’s so delicious and the ambiance is the coolest.)

we get seated under our table (and when I say under, I mean your feet go down into the floor because the tables are basically on the ground like the Japanese do.) keep in mind we are dressed as bugs. I was a ladybug, Cam was a bee, Tara was a firefly. we were too cute.

(photo borrowed from Cam)

I look up and accidentally make eye contact with a dude sitting with his buddy at the table across from us. he almost immediately yells, “hey, do you want us to come sit with you?!?”
we laugh. they do. well, actually they come to the table next to us.
the fellow so immediately smitten was named Ben. Ben and pal (I’m blanking on his name. he’s “pal” now.) are on the verge of wasted. but they’re at the level of drunkenness where they can still carry a conversation and be absolutely hilarious without the obnoxious parts of drunk people.

Ben instantly begins to shower me with compliments.

here are some of the main points I can remember.. which is only a fraction of what he actually said throughout the evening:

“I am so attracted to you.”
“I just feel like we have this connection. you can just FEEL this energy flowing between us!”
“if I was single, this is what I’d do. I’d ask you out on a date. I’d take you out to dinner and then we’d do something active like.. play basketball.”
to Cam and Tara, “your friend is so beautiful (and/or gorgeous)!” repeated like 10 times.
after hugging me repeatedly and sighing in bliss, he said to Cam, “I can only give you a half hug cuz I gave her a whole one. you’re very pretty too, but I saw her first.”
“I think you’re so attractive.”
“you’re so pretty.”
(pal was dressed up as an old lady in a nightgown, wig, and sunglasses, Ben was dressed as a middle-aged east-coast snob with super short shorts and a yacht. pal played Ben’s New Yorker mother.)
pal responds, “you never tell your mother she’s pretty.”
“yeah, your mom is pretty.”

other highlights include:

him spilling rice all over himself and under the whole table.
him deciding he needed to lay out on the floor and stretch. yeah, you read that right. he lifted his leg into the air in his teensy shorts and made Tara hold his toe to stretch his hamstrings. thought I was going to hyperventilate with laughter.

him pouring water perfectly for me, not spilling a drop, and very strategic positioning right in my face as he did so.. then proceeding to spill everywhere at his own table.

that was probably my favorite night ever. maybe. at least one of the top in entertainment.

and tonight… I went out with co-workers to celebrate a birthday. we attempted dancing at Studio 600. that was a smashing failure. Tuesday nights are not the bomb, unless we maybe just left too early.
so they decide to hit up Lumpy’s. I was the only non-drinker of the group. that was pretty entertaining for me. they call me the purity of the office, and are pretty sure hell would freeze over before I’d ever go against the commandments. I have the Mormon talent of being fun without alcohol. 🙂 it was especially amusing since it was karaoke night. and I proceeded to watch my supervisor get absolutely toasted on AMF’s and Vodka Red Bull.. to the point of throwing up in the bathroom and a glass at the table and have to be walked out to her boyfriend’s car. yep. can’t wait to see her hangover tomorrow.

but I busted out some Aaliyah “I Really Need Somebody” like a champ at karaoke. and the poly’s sang pretty much the rest of the night. but the faux-hawked white guy running the karaoke was making googly eyes at me all night. he winked/smiled/waved at me as I walked out. he was cute, but I feel like I maybe narrowly escaped another escapade like the ones I have been sharing cuz my supervisor drank wayyy too much. so.. thanks for that I guess?

well. now that you’ve been entertained.. you’re welcome. and sorry for those of you who are offended by stories about drunk people. unfortunately (or fortunately) they are most of the people I interact with on the daily due to my line of work.. and the stories are too good not to share. woop woop!


well. shall I point out the obvious again and apologize for how bitter my last post was?

…after considering it, I think not.
for 2 reasons:

1. this is my blog. I do what I want.

2. that’s actually how I feel. so I’m not gonna put up a front of happy shiny perfection, because that’s not what life has been like lately. and sometimes that’s how it goes, so it’s ok.

(sidenote: sometimes I just want to vent my whole hot conflicted gut mess here and I wonder if I should consider restricting the viewers of my blog  or if I should have made it anonymous, but it’s too late for that ish. you know who I am. and I hate the  private blog hassle. so, I’ll stick to venting the most personal stuff in other areas, even though it would be convenient here. I know, I know.. everyone wants to hear the most juicy stories, but I can’t risk posting stuff like that on a public internet site. sorry kidlets.)

ANYway. my point in writing to you today is to share with you my goals for 2010.. because it is time to start anew. complete upheaval of everything you thought and planned has a way of spinning you. and it seems like everybody lately is oh so positive about life and a new year. I’m not gonna lie, I mostly liked 2009. I consider December to be its own entity entirely. but overall, the year after my mission treated me kindly. and now it’s time to figure out what’s up with me in a new decade. weird. it’s 2010? no freaking way.

Item 1: learn good posture. (seriously. I need to stop with the slumpies, especially when I sit. I know it’ll make me real tall and intimidating and everything, but it’s just good business.. for my back.)
Item 2: go to Europe. this is my lifelong dream. London screams my name. this needs to happen oh. so. bad. now. while I am so conveniently single. because we all know time and freedom do not multiply exponentially with age.
Item 3: forgive. purge hate. move past it and emerge cleansed and beautified.
Item 4: go to Vegas w/the girls, Wendover (for B-B-B-Boyz II Men!), and Hawaii (for Nonoa’s graduation and whatever else). I know. traveling is big on my list this year. and Florida to visit my mission would be fab tambien. oh and Chicago. kthanks. (my bank account might say that I have to restrict it to one big trip this year, but we shall see.)
Item 5: before this traveling happens.. pay off my Mac Daddy. (a.k.a. my lovely computer)
Item 6: find a new job.
Item 7: start cello lessons.
Item 8: use my Spanish scriptures in daily scripture study.
Item 9: less Facebook, more reading.
Item 10: try not to hate guys and anything related to dating. 🙂

it’s gonna be this kind of a year… the kind where I wear ties on my head just because I want to.
(I love that photo that my friend Colb took. he’s a super talented photographer, so y’all should check him out and employ him. but I’m not gonna lie, at first I didn’t recognize myself when I came across it.)

with love,

un año pasado

solo queria tomar un momento aqui en mi blog pa’ dar tributo a la cosa que mas me ha afectado en la vida.. jamas. hace un ano atras, desde hoy dia, regrese a casa de la mision en Tampa, FL.. habiendo servido un ano y medio como misionera de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias con la gente hispana. esto fue la experiencia mas poderosa que hasta hoy he tenido, que mas me enseno como quiero ser yo, y que realmente es importante — mi Salvador, y que ha hecho por mi. siempre he tenido el ejemplo maravilloso de mis padres, quienes ciertamente me han ensenado la manera de tener felicidad en la vida y ser buena persona: vivir el evangelio. Pero hasta que sali y vivi en un lugar que fue extrano para mi para declararlo a personas desconocidas que no supieron nada de esta felicidad, yo no lo apreciaba realmente.
y mediante esta experiencia, aprendi mas que pudiera esperar explicar aqui en pocas palabras. no pasa ni un dia en que no pienso en la mision.. en lo que pase durante ese tiempo tan duro.. tan dificil hasta que no crei que lo pude hacer mas a veces. pero por medio de esos sentimientos, aprendi depender en mi Salvador. aprendi que el me escucha y que me comunica, y que todo lo puedo en el.. y que tengo el derecho, si soy digna, mediante su gracia y amor, de tener la guia del Espiritu Santo en mi vida.
aprendi amar a gente extrana y diferente. aprendi un idioma nuevo y experimente nuevas culturas.  aprendi comer cosas bien raras y a veces ascerosas. jaja. escuche a nueva musica y vi nuevos bailes. conoci a una gente tan calorosa y amable y hermosa que me enseno abrir mi corazon mas. empeze aprender tener paciencia esperando la voluntad de Dios en lugar de la mia cuando habia fijado mis planes. aprendi hablar con personas con las cuales no tenia nada en comun sin ser humano y hijos de Dios, pero senti amor por ellos. aprendi mas de lo que Dios nos dice en las escrituras.. y que ellas son tesoros menospreciadas por la humanidad.
pero yo pienso que mas que nada aprendi que la mision es sobre el amor. es para que podamos aprender saber que Padre Celestial nos ama, y tambien sentir y entender una parte pequena del amor que el tiene por todos sus hijos alrededor de nosotros.

no he sido perfecta desde que regrese.. recorde cuan dificil es vivir todos los mandamientos en la vida normal, y cuan ocupada puede ser una persona que no hay tiempo como pensamos que debe haber. pero espero que soy mejor persona que fui hace 3 anos atras.. y que solo voy a mejorar.

bueno, ya he hablado demasiado, pero solo queria expresar mi agredecimiento publicamente por el milagro que fue la mision mia. me cambio, y espero poder vivir de acuerdo con lo que aprendi de ella.
no puedo creer que ha sido un ano ya! este fue el ano mas rapido de mi vida. de verdad. adonde fue el tiempo?

o y apropriadamente, una de mis hijas me mando un texto hoy dia diciendo que esta comprometida. las dos de mis “hijas,” o sea, las que entrene en la mision como ser misionera, se van a casar antes que su madre! explicame eso!! ay carumba. pero esta bien. no soy la loca que casa en su ninez. jajaja.

no, es broma, estoy feliz por ellas. y mi dia llegara un dia tambien, al tiempo correcto.

ok. voy a parar ahora. y dejarlos con una foto de una familia guatemalteca y yo.. la grandota. jaja.



given that my vent session yesterday probably came off as a tad bit.. um.. negative, maybe?.. I decided I would write a sunbeam post.

this is partially for me, because lately I have felt myself slipping into a slumpy, slightly antisocial, rut in my life in general. a positive kick in the head might help. maybe. and it’s also partially because my gorgeous, hilarious, super stylin friend, Erica (a.k.a. Rica.. que quiere decir “rich and tasty” in espanish. perfect.) nominated me as a “Kreativ Blogger.” woop woop! (p.s. Rica, you nailed it when you said we laugh till we stop breathing. every time. it’s my faaavorite.) so.. here it goes.

1. Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.
Idk what this is referring to. not gonna lie.

2. Thank the wonderful person that nominated you and link their blog.

3. Write 7 things about yourself we don’t know.

1. I have had exactly 12 jobs. and I want a new one.

2. I basically like everything that is peach or guava flavored. just saying it makes my mouth water.

3. one time.. I had a gun pulled on me. while I was tracting as a missionary in Fort Myers, FL. he was an angry man. as you can see, however, I made it out alive.

4. I know an embarrassing amount about Disney movies. seriously. I own “Disney Scene It” every time. I’m the oldest of 5 kids, ok?

5.  my favorite store is Target.. classy yet affordable, and therefore super dangerous to my bank account.

6. I am addicted to Bubble Breaker on my phone. whenever I have a dull moment, I pull it out. or when I’m on a phone call with a babbler at the crisis line. it helps my A.D.D. mind focus. and I just got a new phone exactly a week ago because the other one wigged out on me and stopped sending and receiving messages. and just since then my little counter says I’ve already played 303 games of it. oops.

7. I just barely stuffed tissues into the toes of my shoes because they are too big. and when heels this tall are too big, walking is almost impossible. this compressed tissue thing works like a charm.

I think I will skip the nomination part, except to say that I nominate any reader who would like to play this game.

and secondly, I’m going to add my own little dash of something extra to this post.. because I have not yet blogged anything about Thanksgiving. I really like Thanksgiving. it is delicious, but more importantly, it is important. it always seems to get leap-frogged because Christmas is just so dang awesome that everyone wants to sprint to it.
but it’s also important to be thankful for what we have. Heavenly Father blesses us in a lot of little and big ways on a daily basis, and I would just like to take a moment to write a small list of things that make me feel blessed.

1. a wicked awesome family who thinks I’m funny and who loves me even when I’m ugly
2. alone moments in the car when I can turn up the music and sing at the top of my lungs
3. friends who are beautiful, hilarious, talented, and love me for me.. they’re so cool that I sometimes think people just like me for my friends
4. the ability to create and appreciate creativity
5. hot milk steamers, cold fruit smoothies, peach rings, and grandpa’s mashed potatoes
6. a closet full of cute things to wear
7. a warm house and a soft bed complete with my down comforter and my boyfriend–the electric blanket
8. hugs… big ones.
9. the fact that I have a job.. and cool co-workers
10. and more than anything else… my knowledge of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it heals my soul and fills me with peace

happy holiday season guys, and I hope your snowflakes all have sunbeams shining through them.