I like it, like it

Annnnd here we are. the first decade of the 2000’s has passed, and it’s time to move on to a better and brighter future. I’m gonna do myself a favor and pretend most of 2010 didn’t happen, considering it was …. not my favorite year of life. mmk?

That’s not to say it was all bad.. for example, Christmas was wonderful.. because I love my family. they are the coolest. (obvi, since they produced me.) AND I love Jesus.

but so far, I have no qualms with 2011. I started it out right.. in Vegas with my best friends. (following photo stolen from Cam’s Facebook)

usually I hate New Years because it’s so overrated and anti-climactic, (and that includes New Years Resolutions. ridick. I don’t do those.) but that was New Year’s done right.

in summary:

  • First night in St. Geezy, lunch with Elsie and boutique/outlet shopping to remedy the fact that the ONLY pair of jeans I brought definitely had a gaping hole in the crotch. I mean, I know I was going to Vegas, but I wasn’t tryna go to quite that extreme.
  • GHETTO Imperial Palace hotel with a bomb central strip location
  • s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g. biggest H&M in the world in Caesar’s Palace? okey dokey. when do I move in?
  • food, food, foooooood. The Hash House, something I can’t remember the name of in Planet Hollywood that was yum, and Dick’s Last Resort. The latter was HILARIOUS, but the only appropriate picture I feel comfortable posting for all the world to see is the picture of my Diet Coke with 25 straws in it. if you have never been there.. oh man. it’s a special place.
  • L.A. comedy show at the Four Queens
  • Fremont Street crazy drunk homeless dudes who loved us
  • Karaoke. Me, Mariah Carey, and my own personal groupie. Dance-off.
  • New Years kisses
  • Fireworks! (I hate you, Katy Perry, for ruining that word for me forever. I have never felt, and will never feel, like a plastic bag.)
  • Observing Black Jack and playing Zeus II once — not my fave.
  • We’re sober, cuz around me they be actin like dey dru-u-unk. And that’s a fact.. people are crazy in Vegas. It was very amusing.
  • Seeing all the pretty people.. especially in the Cosmopolitan. That is a swanky hotel/casino, kids. It was pretty swaggerific.
  • The fact that I got to escape from Utah for a few days

Also in recent news…

MUCH needed girls’ night out with my beautiful roommates. we danced our bums off and laughed in between. it was pretty epic.


my first ever legit trip to Crystal Hot Springs during which I did not sneak into a hotel pool and get the cops called. I have no idea what that would be about.

it was lovely and mineral-y and hot!

and finally……

today I started school again after a 4-year absence. let’s be honest, it’s uber-weird to be a student now that I’m also a teacher. it gives me whole a different perspective. I might even be quite well-behaved this time around.

but know what’s awesome? the fact that I only get to take what I used to consider to be “fun” classes. I was crazy not to do this before. (p.s. for those of you just coming in to this news, I’m going back to study graphic design so I can pretty much change my whole career. woop!)

k.. that’s all I’m sharing for today. I hope you’re grateful for all these AWESOME crappy phone pictures. yeah-yuh!! byeeeeeeeee!


la ciudad del pecado

Vegas this weekend was awesome. but here’s the thing.. I only took like 12 pictures. because I’m dumb. and Cam and Bret were on it so I kind of slacked. but I started taking some on our last day when we visited M&M World and the Coke Store. plus a couple of phone pics throughout the weekend.

here’s how it went down:

obligatory road trip shot. soooooo muchhhhh drivingggggg.

stayed at some sweet Wyndham Condos just off the strip.
fellow wicked awesome travelers: Cambria, Beau, Tara, Bret, Elsie, John. I love all of these people. do I have a group shot?
you bet I don’t.
(and as you will note, Bret is not featured in photos in this post because all of our co-vanity took place on his camera.. he hasn’t shared. I am left desolate.)

activities included:

did I even gamble?

shopping – Utah needs an H&M. stat. this is an urgent matter of fashion. and let’s face it, they’d be huge here. you better believe we visited both H&M stores in Vegas. more than once.
Els and me at the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood.. if you look closely at the words behind us, it proves I’m right.

eating – ugh. so much eating. from Claim Jumper where I had a not-so-good jerk chicken sweet potato to  The Original Pancake House (mm coconut pancakes) to Dick’s Last Resort (FAVORITE. good food – I had the “Big Ass Burger.” funny service. hilarious band. hot men.. awesome free show. biggest regret: not getting pictures.) to the rundown casino breakfast that was next to the Super 8. I forgot what it was called. pretty standard food. also sodas from around the world at the Coke Store, followed by dessert and appetizers at the Rainforest Cafe. and IN-N-OUT in St. George on the way home at like midnight, of course. yummy burger. and add in our naughty vacation road trip treats (i.e. everyone ate my peach rings and Jr. Mints plus Cam’s like 5 pound bag of gummy bears because it’s tradition) and you have… DEATH BY GLUTTONY.

this frog will eat you now.

just chillin with my hot besties waiting for delicious pancakes and/or omelettes and/or crepes.

check out this awesome hair spotted at the run down casino on our last day. minus you can’t even tell how ridiculous it was from this photo. it was like.. a mohawk that got electrocuted in 1985 and then sprayed with an Aquanet shield that has lasted until this day.

dancing – our concierge, Freddy, “hooked us up” because apparently he’s the man to know in Vegas. but he apparently got fired from the club before for getting in trouble. good to know the Wyndham hires only top caliber cats. the first night he got us on the list to a club called Cat House at the Luxor. Saturday Els and I tried to go to Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel cuz my mission friend Mr. Glauser happened to be there with another mission homie, Mr. Francis, but we decided we weren’t loving the $20 cover. then we accidentally enamored a couple of brothas named Rene and… Elsie I forgot the name of your guy. anyway, that was an adventure. they tried unsuccessfully to get us in to Vanity then led us to another club with Rock in the name. I can’t remember exactly what it was called. we danced ‘n stuff. they were hilarious.

shows – well, one show. The Phantom of the Opera. uh-maze-ing. probably my favorite part of the trip. it was so good it gave me the cry lump throughout the show. I’ve always wanted to see Phantom. we sat at the edge of the balcony. it was perfect. bucket list goal: completed.

swimming – in the 80 degree heated pool and hot tub.. open 24 hours, kids. I didn’t touch the pool. I went straight to the hot tub. because I like my water like I like my men… hot.

riding the coaster – a.k.a. the rollercoaster at New York New York. but my lingo is cooler because I’m so hip. that thing was way more intense than anticipated. so fun.

walking the strip – seeing various casinos and amazing sights.

Excalibur. and me with it (but mostly just me in the second one):

some fish from the Rainforest Cafe. Cam, Beau, John, and Tara went to the aquarium. I didn’t because I am a wuss. Els and Bret were too cool for fish.

special photo feature: M&M World and the Coke Store. why? because that’s when I actually started taking pictures with not a phone.

that coke bear bit my head right after the picture. luckily I survived.

but the REAL tragedy came when these beauties:

my 2 favorite colors.. a $10 bag of M&M’s.. got left behind in the Rainforest Cafe. I shed a tear for their loss. they were peanut.

I must have been having a rough day because I lost my phone that day too, in the bathroom. luckily someone was kind enough to turn it into the security desk after looking through all my text messages and pictures.. so we were reunited and my moments of anxiety were relieved. glad someone out there knows my life and still wants me to be able to function. thanks anonymous good samaritan.

we also did some visits while in the area.. I saw my darling friend Lori. for like 10 minutes. but they were a golden 10 minutes. I also got to visit my favorite senior couple from my mission, the Stephens. they live on the same street as the temple. totally gorgeous. it was so fabulous to see them. and then we visited Beau’s aunt and uncle. as a result of all our lolly-gagging, we got home at 3:30am. death.

but all in all.. a total blast.
not gonna lie, I wasn’t THAT sad to leave Vegas and its sin behind.. but I was very sad to end my vacay with my awesome friends.
I went from this:

to this:

do not be fooled. what looks like pissy air traffic control is actually pissy crisis line counseling.

okay so it’s really not that bad. but that was about how excited I felt to be back. and exhausted. because everything is open freakin 24 hours a day so sleeping doesn’t happen. sorry, body.

sooooooo looking forward to a month from now when I shall be taking in the sights of Frisco for my 25th birthday!! and I will probably leave my heart there too.

yay for vacays!