Bats. Real ones.

I tried to upload a video from my phone of the time, two days ago, when I watched 1.5 million bats fly out from under the Congress Street Bridge in Austin. but apparently the video is the wrong format. and I don’t want to upgrade to costly wordpress instead of free wordpress. (–>cheap<–)

I also considered just leaving this blog post blank..
because the title is kind of enough.

but I’ve been seeing and reading and laughing and thinking.. so here are some thinks.

I h.a.t.e. it when M’s internet is down. it’s been 3.5 days now. it makes me feel like I’m walking through a pool about waist-deep because everything feels harder and like it’s in slow-motion. Missing someone makes you realize that he is essential to your well-being. my phone battery is going dead everyday from my constant and hopeful checking of messages.

Austin is lovely. I was up to my earlobes in unique and pretty treasures that I wanted and needed just by perusing two amazing Congress Street shops. and I found my best friend’s wedding gift.

today I took a tour of the river in San Antonio via riverboat. the entire time a 4 year-old boy named Danny had a kicking war with me and then moved on to a finger war and then a hand-stacking war. it was one of the greatest times I’ve had all month. he had a faux hawk all the way down the back. I told him he is mi nuevo novio. his mother scolded him in Spanish the entire ride. his parents wanted me to keep him.

^those photos counted as thoughts ^ 

I went to the most expensive restaurant I’ve been to since we came to Texas tonight, and it was ironically the worst experience I’ve had in a restaurant since we’ve been here. but thank you for my $13 appetizer that was a bed of spinach leaves and 4 thumb-sized slices of pan-seared tuna. and your guac was good. won’t be back.

there is now a Justin Bieber poster hanging in my room at the foot of Lisa’s bed. I never thought that would happen to me in my life. but Ryan Reynolds is also there to diffuse the situation.

today I read a poem that goes like this:

On Art

I don’t think art

is so much a tribute to beauty

as it is a good reminder

that we don’t have to be so boring

-Dallin Bruun

I never want to be boring.

Cars 2. yes. made me miss my friends.

I also miss my dog, Shandi, because she is cute and the sweetest dog in the world. she turns 8 on Monday. my sister suggested we baptize her.

today I emailed Dan Dan the Volvo man about where my oil pan is when it ought to be in my vehicle. he sent me bad news but then quickly followed up with good news and I hope it arrives by Monday. my Volvo (M named it the Go-Getta) has been sitting at the curb in front of the apartment for weeks looking wistful and lonely. and walking to work on humid mornings makes me feel like a sweaty monkey.

I recently had my first paid design job for a little icon within an iPhone app called Calvetica. my icon is an absolutely minimal contribution, but it made me feel official. I am a graphic designer after 1 semester of school.

and I never shared my great news.. I got a departmental tuition waiver from my school for the whole upcoming school year! a.k.a. they are paying for me to go to school. it took much effort and turning in an essay on the day of my kidney stone surgery as I almost threw up in the line and then a portfolio review with several professors at a very long table and it made me feel naked as they passed around my artwork and asked me questions…. so that phone call telling me I got the waiver was magical. the timing of this waiver is also magical, given upcoming immigration expenses for M in my life.

I hated the movie “Waiting for Forever.”

did I mention I miss M? 😦

okay… no more thinks right now.

goodnight, moon.


“I’m a legend, they call me the cautionary whale.”

so it’s been a minute. again. I have just accepted the fact that it will be internet years between blog posts and moved on. I’m sure you’ve done the same.

today’s post was actually spurred by me looking through my phone and realizing I have about 30 photos of Texas life that I would like to post instead of writing a novel. mmmkay?

aight cool. blink a few times and get your eyes warmed up for this. here we go.

first: the capital of Texas and my favorite city thus far, Austin.

the old school drinking fountain on the grounds. and Lisa using it.
 the reason we came to Austin, to chill with Christina at a ginormous house with incredible grounds and eat J Dawgs and fail to bring swimsuits. and it so happened that Christina and I dressed alike. cut-offs and neon yellow are hot right now. plus she and I apparently live parallel lives. we’ll even both be in New Zealand in October, only missing each other by 2 days. you can’t make this stuff up. love this girl.
also in Austin we went to a cupcake van called “Hey Cupcake!” and loved it,
got shaved ice, shopped at an outdoor market randomly chillin on the street, saw the “Hi how are you?” frog from the movie “Whip It.” oh and I saw two guys from my mission who, independently of each other, came to this giant YSA activity that we were attending. and then we saw the most recent X-Men movie, which was wicked awesome, as expected.
my view from the backseat as we road-tripped:
and Lisa and yours truly at the gorgeous huge house. you can’t tell here, but our feet are in the pool.
ok. moving on from Austin. (I lingered there because it was my fave.)

we have.. Corpus Christi. actually technically not Corpus. more like Padre Island.. where we like to go chill at Whitecap Beach. and this is how happy it makes us:
and it also makes us relaxed:
 and we love our lives at the beach. especially when we eat at Padre Island Burger Company… where I had the best burger I’ve ever had in my life.. called “The Hangover.” go eat it.

and speaking of eating.. San Antonio has the most delicious food. apparently it’s the fattest city in the U.S. awesome. so we’re gonna talk about that for a second.
Exhibit A: Chuy’s (where Natalie INSISTED I go to try a Chuychanga with Boom Boom Sauce because she’s obsessed. turns out I hate Boom Boom Sauce cuz it’s almost straight cheese. however.. I  am absolutely in a relationship with their jalapeno ranch. ummmm wow. and know what else I am in love with? their tres leches. get in my belly.)
 Exhibit B: Panera Bread. which, I have to say, is my all-time fave restaurant, dating back to my Florida days. I always made my poor companions go there as much as possible on the mish. and when I say poor, I mean lucky. when will you come to Utah, Panera Bread? when? (anybody who says Paradise Bakery is the same is a BIG FAT LIAR.)
 Exhibit C: Mi Tierra (or, as I like to call it, the assault on the eyes.)
you see what I mean. it is apparently a very famous Mexican Restaurant, attracting even the likes of Bill Clinton when he shows his face in San Anton. I had mole poblano. (if I’m being honest, Red Iguana in SLC is better for mole poblano.)
however, the ribs my manager, Anne, got were heavenly. we even got a personal serenade from a mariachi duo on guitars. and we ate some treats from their panaderia (bakery for those less educated in espanish).
Exhibit D: Dick’s Last Resort (not exclusive to San Antonio, but still always good time.) I refuse to actually type out what it says on my hat in this photo, nor go into further detail about how I was pwned all night, because you can always trust Dick’s to be inappropriate. but let’s just say Lisa and I laughed our guts out.)
man. that photo was huge. I hope your computer didn’t get overwhelmed.
Exhibit E: Whataburger. but I have no photo. but oh man… that ish is DELISH. way better than In-n-Out. yeah I said it.

ok. let’s see. what else… oh,

the pool. I know I already discussed it, but here’s Lisa modeling our 6″ section of water that has become our favorite layout spot.. and lookin hot.

and maybe one of my favorite things so far about San Antonio is a little something called First Friday, which is where a couple of blocks get turned into an artsy street market and vendors set up booths for jewelry and art and henna and feather extensions and trinkets and art galleries open and food establishments fill up, and basically… it’s totally my scene. so here’s a little collage of this past weekend for you:
annnnnd the hyper photo sesh that happened when we got home. and we looked like hippies.
…’s probably only funny to me, but whatev.
and my bomb wicked sweet awesome earrings I got from my first First Friday (say that 5 times fast.) I’m in lurrrrve with them.

next up we have adventures at Del Sol. (some of us may or may not call it Del Hole from time to time. but that is uncomfirmed.)
these are a few of the UV lamps we stare into and use all the day long to show off our color-changing products that are probably burning our retinas or something. AND spreading joy and happiness and smiles.
and this is Lisa and Melissa.. like…. STOKED to be at work.

and then after we do that, we like to go down the street to hang with our homeboys at the Guinness World Records Museum and the Haunted Adventure and Tomb Rider 3D. actually… that only happened one time.
Tallest man in the world:
 Fattest man in the world:
and me being officially deemed as: SEXY. beetches.
…another HUGE photo. I know.

and. speaking of work. across the street from work is the Alamo. yes. so… there’s a plaza in front of it, right? and things happen there. like err-day. weird. things. and I’m not just saying that. they are legit weird.
one time… there was a random group of people. some were dressed as slaves with chains around their necks and/or inmates in orange jumpsuits. they were carrying a giant statue of a woman (maybe Mary?) with the Alamo coming out of her feet, like you would carry a coffin. except… she was upside down. and they hung an Alamo pinata in front of the Alamo.
 and then… a parade of dropped vehicles rolled by… on hydraulics. what?
but that is not all, my friends. oh no. as I left work I walked by the gazebo only to see these slaves and/or inmates standing on either side of this woman with Alamo feet SPINNING her head over heels… over and over again. observe:
 BUT… as if that wasn’t weird enough. there was a man standing up on the stone wall THROWING ROSE PETALS at the statue as they spun it.
there was a woman chanting/yodeling at the top of her lungs while a band accompanied her as the soundtrack for the occasion.
don’t pretend like you can top that for weirdness.
you can’t.
stuff like that happens everyday, kids.

anyway. wanna know what else was super duper fun? and that is serious. it was really super duper fun. Six Flags. we walked on EVERY ride and we loved our lives. perfect day.
except sometimes their coasters are only for skinny people, apparently. and they weed out the fatties with their skinny ace ramps that last for like 3 stories of a building.

wanna see some other beautiful San Antonio things?
of course you do.

The San Antonio LDS Temple:
yeah. I live across the street from the Tower of the Americas. and the Alamodome. what?
River Walk
sweet building

and finally… since my car is still rocking a cracked oil pan…..

my new ride:

peace, love, and green lamborghini grease to all of you, my friends.

oh. wait, wait, wait.

I have to not stop yet. because, despite how it may look in all of these awesome photos you just went through,

Texas sucks.


because this was the LAMEST 4th of July of my life. not only did I work all day, but Texas is in the drought of the century and they decided to BAN ANY AND ALL FIREWORKS.
first time ever in my life that I’ve spent the 4th of July sitting in my apartment, watching a weird movie.

and I hated it.
but I still love America.

la ciudad del pecado

Vegas this weekend was awesome. but here’s the thing.. I only took like 12 pictures. because I’m dumb. and Cam and Bret were on it so I kind of slacked. but I started taking some on our last day when we visited M&M World and the Coke Store. plus a couple of phone pics throughout the weekend.

here’s how it went down:

obligatory road trip shot. soooooo muchhhhh drivingggggg.

stayed at some sweet Wyndham Condos just off the strip.
fellow wicked awesome travelers: Cambria, Beau, Tara, Bret, Elsie, John. I love all of these people. do I have a group shot?
you bet I don’t.
(and as you will note, Bret is not featured in photos in this post because all of our co-vanity took place on his camera.. he hasn’t shared. I am left desolate.)

activities included:

did I even gamble?

shopping – Utah needs an H&M. stat. this is an urgent matter of fashion. and let’s face it, they’d be huge here. you better believe we visited both H&M stores in Vegas. more than once.
Els and me at the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood.. if you look closely at the words behind us, it proves I’m right.

eating – ugh. so much eating. from Claim Jumper where I had a not-so-good jerk chicken sweet potato to  The Original Pancake House (mm coconut pancakes) to Dick’s Last Resort (FAVORITE. good food – I had the “Big Ass Burger.” funny service. hilarious band. hot men.. awesome free show. biggest regret: not getting pictures.) to the rundown casino breakfast that was next to the Super 8. I forgot what it was called. pretty standard food. also sodas from around the world at the Coke Store, followed by dessert and appetizers at the Rainforest Cafe. and IN-N-OUT in St. George on the way home at like midnight, of course. yummy burger. and add in our naughty vacation road trip treats (i.e. everyone ate my peach rings and Jr. Mints plus Cam’s like 5 pound bag of gummy bears because it’s tradition) and you have… DEATH BY GLUTTONY.

this frog will eat you now.

just chillin with my hot besties waiting for delicious pancakes and/or omelettes and/or crepes.

check out this awesome hair spotted at the run down casino on our last day. minus you can’t even tell how ridiculous it was from this photo. it was like.. a mohawk that got electrocuted in 1985 and then sprayed with an Aquanet shield that has lasted until this day.

dancing – our concierge, Freddy, “hooked us up” because apparently he’s the man to know in Vegas. but he apparently got fired from the club before for getting in trouble. good to know the Wyndham hires only top caliber cats. the first night he got us on the list to a club called Cat House at the Luxor. Saturday Els and I tried to go to Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel cuz my mission friend Mr. Glauser happened to be there with another mission homie, Mr. Francis, but we decided we weren’t loving the $20 cover. then we accidentally enamored a couple of brothas named Rene and… Elsie I forgot the name of your guy. anyway, that was an adventure. they tried unsuccessfully to get us in to Vanity then led us to another club with Rock in the name. I can’t remember exactly what it was called. we danced ‘n stuff. they were hilarious.

shows – well, one show. The Phantom of the Opera. uh-maze-ing. probably my favorite part of the trip. it was so good it gave me the cry lump throughout the show. I’ve always wanted to see Phantom. we sat at the edge of the balcony. it was perfect. bucket list goal: completed.

swimming – in the 80 degree heated pool and hot tub.. open 24 hours, kids. I didn’t touch the pool. I went straight to the hot tub. because I like my water like I like my men… hot.

riding the coaster – a.k.a. the rollercoaster at New York New York. but my lingo is cooler because I’m so hip. that thing was way more intense than anticipated. so fun.

walking the strip – seeing various casinos and amazing sights.

Excalibur. and me with it (but mostly just me in the second one):

some fish from the Rainforest Cafe. Cam, Beau, John, and Tara went to the aquarium. I didn’t because I am a wuss. Els and Bret were too cool for fish.

special photo feature: M&M World and the Coke Store. why? because that’s when I actually started taking pictures with not a phone.

that coke bear bit my head right after the picture. luckily I survived.

but the REAL tragedy came when these beauties:

my 2 favorite colors.. a $10 bag of M&M’s.. got left behind in the Rainforest Cafe. I shed a tear for their loss. they were peanut.

I must have been having a rough day because I lost my phone that day too, in the bathroom. luckily someone was kind enough to turn it into the security desk after looking through all my text messages and pictures.. so we were reunited and my moments of anxiety were relieved. glad someone out there knows my life and still wants me to be able to function. thanks anonymous good samaritan.

we also did some visits while in the area.. I saw my darling friend Lori. for like 10 minutes. but they were a golden 10 minutes. I also got to visit my favorite senior couple from my mission, the Stephens. they live on the same street as the temple. totally gorgeous. it was so fabulous to see them. and then we visited Beau’s aunt and uncle. as a result of all our lolly-gagging, we got home at 3:30am. death.

but all in all.. a total blast.
not gonna lie, I wasn’t THAT sad to leave Vegas and its sin behind.. but I was very sad to end my vacay with my awesome friends.
I went from this:

to this:

do not be fooled. what looks like pissy air traffic control is actually pissy crisis line counseling.

okay so it’s really not that bad. but that was about how excited I felt to be back. and exhausted. because everything is open freakin 24 hours a day so sleeping doesn’t happen. sorry, body.

sooooooo looking forward to a month from now when I shall be taking in the sights of Frisco for my 25th birthday!! and I will probably leave my heart there too.

yay for vacays!

last name “up,” first name “fed”

Negative Nancy:

I don’t get my car back until NEXT Tuesday or Wednesday because apparently repairs are more extensive than they thought. poor Victoria… 😦
it cost $2000 more than they originally estimated.. over $4800 in total. (I pay a $500 deductible, but who knows what happens to my premiums?)

I am a disgruntled employee.. and so are my co-workers. I sat through maybe an hour long vent sesh today at work listening to my co-workers be angry. burnout, nit-picky criticism, and being wayyy under-compensated don’t create happy feelings. I am officially actively looking for something new, so if you hear of something.. please let me know.

I shouldn’t have looked, but I did anyway.. result: last night was made up of feelings of anger, the likes of which cannot be matched by anything in my recent memory. deleted it all. any possible forms of communication are officially cut off.

I paid $210 in traffic tickets related to the above car damage today.

Wendy’s didn’t give me my chicken nuggets that I bought for lunch and I didn’t notice till I got back to the office. I threw away my unused honey mustard. sad.

linger longer is stressing me right out.

confused. confused. confused.

Positive Polly:

tomorrow I am hittin up ward ski day at Brighton directly after work till the p.m. and then hockey in my ski threads.

I have the weekend off.. and several options for fun.

my dog is the cutest and she loves me unconditionally.

photography class started again tonight.. thumbs up.

my family and friends amaze me on the daily with their level of awesomeness and degree of hilarity.

this week when the sun has been out and it gets warm in my car, I have glimpses of the summer that’s coming. and when “Boys of Summer” comes on while I drive home from work in my stunnas, I get a moment of summery bliss and it makes me smile all over.

I laughed a lot today.

Brown won Massachusetts.

it could be worse.

I know, this is kind of a lot like my last post, but… meh. it was the best way to update you on my situation. plus I think in random fragments. I was simply being representative of the thought stream. kthanks.

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given that my vent session yesterday probably came off as a tad bit.. um.. negative, maybe?.. I decided I would write a sunbeam post.

this is partially for me, because lately I have felt myself slipping into a slumpy, slightly antisocial, rut in my life in general. a positive kick in the head might help. maybe. and it’s also partially because my gorgeous, hilarious, super stylin friend, Erica (a.k.a. Rica.. que quiere decir “rich and tasty” in espanish. perfect.) nominated me as a “Kreativ Blogger.” woop woop! (p.s. Rica, you nailed it when you said we laugh till we stop breathing. every time. it’s my faaavorite.) so.. here it goes.

1. Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.
Idk what this is referring to. not gonna lie.

2. Thank the wonderful person that nominated you and link their blog.

3. Write 7 things about yourself we don’t know.

1. I have had exactly 12 jobs. and I want a new one.

2. I basically like everything that is peach or guava flavored. just saying it makes my mouth water.

3. one time.. I had a gun pulled on me. while I was tracting as a missionary in Fort Myers, FL. he was an angry man. as you can see, however, I made it out alive.

4. I know an embarrassing amount about Disney movies. seriously. I own “Disney Scene It” every time. I’m the oldest of 5 kids, ok?

5.  my favorite store is Target.. classy yet affordable, and therefore super dangerous to my bank account.

6. I am addicted to Bubble Breaker on my phone. whenever I have a dull moment, I pull it out. or when I’m on a phone call with a babbler at the crisis line. it helps my A.D.D. mind focus. and I just got a new phone exactly a week ago because the other one wigged out on me and stopped sending and receiving messages. and just since then my little counter says I’ve already played 303 games of it. oops.

7. I just barely stuffed tissues into the toes of my shoes because they are too big. and when heels this tall are too big, walking is almost impossible. this compressed tissue thing works like a charm.

I think I will skip the nomination part, except to say that I nominate any reader who would like to play this game.

and secondly, I’m going to add my own little dash of something extra to this post.. because I have not yet blogged anything about Thanksgiving. I really like Thanksgiving. it is delicious, but more importantly, it is important. it always seems to get leap-frogged because Christmas is just so dang awesome that everyone wants to sprint to it.
but it’s also important to be thankful for what we have. Heavenly Father blesses us in a lot of little and big ways on a daily basis, and I would just like to take a moment to write a small list of things that make me feel blessed.

1. a wicked awesome family who thinks I’m funny and who loves me even when I’m ugly
2. alone moments in the car when I can turn up the music and sing at the top of my lungs
3. friends who are beautiful, hilarious, talented, and love me for me.. they’re so cool that I sometimes think people just like me for my friends
4. the ability to create and appreciate creativity
5. hot milk steamers, cold fruit smoothies, peach rings, and grandpa’s mashed potatoes
6. a closet full of cute things to wear
7. a warm house and a soft bed complete with my down comforter and my boyfriend–the electric blanket
8. hugs… big ones.
9. the fact that I have a job.. and cool co-workers
10. and more than anything else… my knowledge of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it heals my soul and fills me with peace

happy holiday season guys, and I hope your snowflakes all have sunbeams shining through them.


the following things are jerking my chain today:

arrogant girl drivers in white Eclipses

boys who tell you you’re “cute” when you inform them that it’s been 2 days since you’ve talked after a semi-fight (causing you a lot of internal turmoil) and you tell them not to patronize you and they say, “what? I’m serious. besides, making up is always fun.”

when Wendy’s forgets to give you a straw with your Diet Coke

snow/freeze-out weather

peeing in public bathrooms.. especially when somebody else is in there to hear you

working during institute

people who are outrageous jerks to my bff with zero cause

control-top tights

forgetting to remember rebates

incompetent people on the phone at work

and now that you’ve had a dose of Negative Nancy, here’s a little Positive Polly..

the following things are not jerking my chain today:

argyle patterned tights

the prettiness of big white snowflakes falling all around me

chocolates from Disneyland

reflecting on last night’s motorcycle ride through Ogden Canyon + hot chocolate in Huntsville with a (different) boy

french fries

the songs “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates and “Don’t Stop” by Innerpartysystem

funny co-workers

admitting that I actually really like the show “Glee,” even though I never watch tv, because I Hulu-ed all the available episodes on a whim. (p.s. anyone know how I can see episodes 1-3? it won’t show them to me there.. and that is not really a Positive Polly feeling. I feel like those would fill a lot of holes for me.)

red spoons


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some kinda weekend warrior

this weekend was the business. let’s talk about it for a second.

firstly, I went boxing. for the first time in my life. and I think I might be in trouble because it was way too fun! my co-worker somehow convinced me this would be a good idea, so I went. I sparred with the trainer, primarily, and also did some workout with the bags. but he taught me how to jab and swing, and he was very impressed with my natural ability. he said beginners starting out on their first time usually do not throw straight punches, but every single one of mine was straight. direct quote from him to my co-worker, “she’s a friggin prodigy!!”
so… good thing I have a hidden boxing talent. don’t mess with me or your nose will be broken. (and let’s be honest, there’s a certain somebody that lives in a certain somewhere else who’s certain nose I would like to certainly break right about now. that certain somebody is certainly lucky for now.)



then I went directly to meet my friend Fudge for lunch at Macaroni Grill. mhmm. delish. in fact, I will be eating my leftovers for dinner at work tonight and I am looking forward to it.

and then that evening I hung out with my other friend Willis. we went to the Gateway and shopped.. made fun of the ever-present supply of weirdos.. took away his Cafe Rio virginity cuz he’s from Alaska and they don’t have that blessing there (I was sooo sick after all this food).. then hit up a fireworks show for Pioneer Day, and topped off the night watching The Dark Knight (since he just got home from his mission 2 mos ago and is still all movie-deprived). it was a sweet day.

next day: Friday..

work. bleh.
then I get off and Cam helps convince me to skip my family breakfast up the canyon for an overnight trip to Bear Lake with a group of friends staying at Angie’s cabin. oh man.. what a good time! we chilled at the cabin Friday night.. including dinner, dance party (mostly just Megan and me busting a move with our gangsta swagg while everyone took pics and laughed at us), sitting by the fire, iPod karaoke… laughing our butts off, movie — Bride Wars, me too upset to finish it because of text convo with said certain somebody above. next day we have a delicious breakfast and hit the beach for most of the day, come back and eat dinner and then watch Meet the Parents.
(everyone else played photographer on this trip. so I really have few to no pics of it.. until they tag me on Facebook. baha. except for these.. the view from Ang’s cabin, and me laying out on the beach, with somebody’s canopy in the background.)



then we get home finally at 11ish and Cam and I go to Walmart to pick up Linger Longer supplies for Sunday.. (i.e. the opportunity to eat, mingle, and “linger longer,” if you will, after church in a singles ward so everyone can make friends, fall in love, and feel included. I am the chairman of this committee and it is a big job.) I go home and Willis wants me to come over and play games at his cousin’s house. so I go over there and we play Apples to Apples.. and then make a Beto’s run for horchata. I go to bed when it’s basically the morning and fall asleep in between setting the time on my alarm and actually sliding the button over and turning off the light. I miss my morning meeting and Sacrament Meeting, (woops) but make it halfway through Sunday School and put on the Linger Longer. it goes well.

I go home and take a nap and then Tiff and Mark and fam and Steven come over for dinner. I heart my family. we walk to the park and Tiff’s adorable kids play.. along with all of the adults. here are the twins, my little cousins, Jackson and AJ, sliding down the slide..










followed closely by Steve (my uncle)

 and then we ate german chocolate cake and ice cream. mm.

so that’s the skinny. and the fatty, considering all the food I just mentioned was involved. yikes. my poor body.. I should prolly quit food for awhile. but will I?

and guess what else? the air conditioning at my work is broken and I am sitting in this cell that is hotter than hades right about now. oh joy.