I forgot to point out the obvious.

I just realized I forgot to point out the fact that my blog got a makeover! it’s been.. what.. more than a year since I did anything with the design? two years, maybe? so I decided it was time for a change. and I’m feelin it so far. I hope you are too.

ALSO. now that it’s no longer February, I just noticed that missed my blog’s birthday!

worst. blogger. ever.

but happy 3rd birthday to my blog! I made it to 3 years of intermittent and inconsistent posting what has essentially turned into a public online diary! heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! (<– to be read in your best ghetto voice. out loud.)

and as happy as my nuptial news is.. I also realized another fact.. I can’t really call my blog “The Wilki Way” anymore if I’m gonna be a Havea.

anyone have any clever ideas for when that day comes?


I mean…not Bueller. ..Havea?

the big news

my apologies to Lori, but I’d like to interrupt this inconsistent stream of one New Zealand travel log to actually post my big news on my blog.. because it’s consuming my life, so I figure it’s pretty much the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me.
actually.. I don’t figure. I know it is.

are you ready?


I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone in my close association is already aware of this fact, but YOU.. internets.. might not be! so in the interest of information, here is my happiness being shared with the world!

and here is our save-the-date:

and because I enjoy using my blog as something of a journal for later in life.. here are the FAQ’s about our relationship:

Is he from New Zealand?
No, he is from Tonga. He lives in New Zealand with his brother and is working there.

How did you meet a Tongan in New Zealand?
We served together on our missions. No, we never really served around each other so we did not know each other well on the mission. We only met a couple of times at zone conferences and then reconnected 3 years later and it turns out that he is the man of my dreams. I visited him in New Zealand last month. We have been together for 7 months now, and will have been dating for a year by the time we get married.

Will you live in New Zealand?
Yes, the plan is for me to live with him in New Zealand until he gets his green card and we can come back to the states. The immigration lawyer I spoke with told me that the process usually takes 9 months to a year. However, that entire plan hinges on whether or not he gets his work permit in New Zealand to come through or not within the next couple of months. If he doesn’t get his work permit, we will still get married in NZ in April, but he will have to go back to Tonga soon after that. I will either go to Tonga or, more likely, come back to the states to work and establish a life here so he can join me as soon as possible. (yayyyyy immigration! *fail trombone*)

Why are you getting married in New Zealand instead of the states?
Because we have looked at all of the options for visas to get him here, from visitor’s visas to fiance visas to student visas, and all of those options are so expensive or time-consuming or difficult to get that it just isn’t going to work out that way. After much research and discussion, our option boiled down to getting married in New Zealand as the best (and only) way. I know… my life is REALLY rough. 🙂

Will you be having a reception in Utah?
We will be having an open house in Utah once we are able to get back to the states. Because it could be up to a year after the fact, we probably won’t call it a “reception,” but we will have some kind of event so everybody can meet him and celebrate with us.

Is your family going?
My parents are coming for sure and they are working on getting my siblings there if possible. We’ll see how costs work out with expensive plane tickets.

Can you work in New Zealand?
I can’t unless I get a work permit, which basically requires a job offer and a lot of paperwork and time waiting for immigration to approve it. I can if all that works out, but if not I’ll just be living with him there as a good little housewife.

How did the engagement happen?
The actual proposal and ring part won’t happen until a few weeks before the wedding when I can get back over there. We figured when we had our temple sealing officially booked then we were pretty much officially engaged and we better start announcing it. in other words, we are engaged by date. So the ring/proposal part is still to come.

and I love him.

now.. all this being said, I have a question. because I need some validation.

is it normal that I feel like I am losing it?
I mean..
back up the info truck.
I am going to school and working full-time, am still in the process of recovering from what we think was pneumonia, am planning an international wedding (i.e. about 100 times more stressful than planning a wedding where you actually live), planning a move across the world, and dealing with immigration. I am stressed and oversensitive and exhausted.
I have gathered from friends and family and hearsay that it’s normal for brides to be.. overwhelmed?
cray cray?
when wedding planning…
but  I feel like I need to get my act together.
and I just want this semester to be over because my head’s totally somewhere else.
please tell me I’m normal.
..whatever that means.

okay, that’s all.

you may carry on with your lives having just been made a little happier by this bit of sunshine from my world.

guys.. I get to marry my hot Tongan husband in New Zealand!!! my dreams are coming true!
ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
pinch me!

actually, don’t. we’ll just pretend you did in case you wake me up from a really long detailed dream that I’d rather not be woken from. can’t be too careful.

Bats. Real ones.

I tried to upload a video from my phone of the time, two days ago, when I watched 1.5 million bats fly out from under the Congress Street Bridge in Austin. but apparently the video is the wrong format. and I don’t want to upgrade to costly wordpress instead of free wordpress. (–>cheap<–)

I also considered just leaving this blog post blank..
because the title is kind of enough.

but I’ve been seeing and reading and laughing and thinking.. so here are some thinks.

I h.a.t.e. it when M’s internet is down. it’s been 3.5 days now. it makes me feel like I’m walking through a pool about waist-deep because everything feels harder and like it’s in slow-motion. Missing someone makes you realize that he is essential to your well-being. my phone battery is going dead everyday from my constant and hopeful checking of messages.

Austin is lovely. I was up to my earlobes in unique and pretty treasures that I wanted and needed just by perusing two amazing Congress Street shops. and I found my best friend’s wedding gift.

today I took a tour of the river in San Antonio via riverboat. the entire time a 4 year-old boy named Danny had a kicking war with me and then moved on to a finger war and then a hand-stacking war. it was one of the greatest times I’ve had all month. he had a faux hawk all the way down the back. I told him he is mi nuevo novio. his mother scolded him in Spanish the entire ride. his parents wanted me to keep him.

^those photos counted as thoughts ^ 

I went to the most expensive restaurant I’ve been to since we came to Texas tonight, and it was ironically the worst experience I’ve had in a restaurant since we’ve been here. but thank you for my $13 appetizer that was a bed of spinach leaves and 4 thumb-sized slices of pan-seared tuna. and your guac was good. won’t be back.

there is now a Justin Bieber poster hanging in my room at the foot of Lisa’s bed. I never thought that would happen to me in my life. but Ryan Reynolds is also there to diffuse the situation.

today I read a poem that goes like this:

On Art

I don’t think art

is so much a tribute to beauty

as it is a good reminder

that we don’t have to be so boring

-Dallin Bruun

I never want to be boring.

Cars 2. yes. made me miss my friends.

I also miss my dog, Shandi, because she is cute and the sweetest dog in the world. she turns 8 on Monday. my sister suggested we baptize her.

today I emailed Dan Dan the Volvo man about where my oil pan is when it ought to be in my vehicle. he sent me bad news but then quickly followed up with good news and I hope it arrives by Monday. my Volvo (M named it the Go-Getta) has been sitting at the curb in front of the apartment for weeks looking wistful and lonely. and walking to work on humid mornings makes me feel like a sweaty monkey.

I recently had my first paid design job for a little icon within an iPhone app called Calvetica. my icon is an absolutely minimal contribution, but it made me feel official. I am a graphic designer after 1 semester of school.

and I never shared my great news.. I got a departmental tuition waiver from my school for the whole upcoming school year! a.k.a. they are paying for me to go to school. it took much effort and turning in an essay on the day of my kidney stone surgery as I almost threw up in the line and then a portfolio review with several professors at a very long table and it made me feel naked as they passed around my artwork and asked me questions…. so that phone call telling me I got the waiver was magical. the timing of this waiver is also magical, given upcoming immigration expenses for M in my life.

I hated the movie “Waiting for Forever.”

did I mention I miss M? 😦

okay… no more thinks right now.

goodnight, moon.

the winds of change are blowin wild and free

so it’s been almost 2 months, okay?

…don’t look at me in that tone of voice…


…fine. you want me to prove it?

brief scattered recap of the past 2 months commencing in 5..4..3..2..

Bon Jovi Concert

Festival of Colors

Featured in the SLCC Art Show

General Conference

Girls’ Night Out at The W Lounge
(which got our photo snapped and featured in City Weekly! faaaamous.)

New Rogue Hair 
Kidney Stoner Surgery Part II

Chiddy Bangs and Mike Posner Concert

Ward Carnival/Face Paint Artistry/Helium Balloons

Karaoke Night at Maggie McGee’s with Co-Workers

School, School, School/Projects, Projects, Projects as seen here

my primary distraction…
being head over heels for this guy right here:yeah. in a move that has caused quite a stir, my Facebook status has officially changed to, “in a relationship,” and I have never been so happy.
and in news directly related to that… my ticket is now officially booked (due to the wonderful generosity of my awesome uncle) and…..

I am going to NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!

le sigh…. I cannot WAIT!

but before I do that…

this summer brings me one huge adventure in the form of this place

San Antonio, Texas, baby!! I have been offered a summer internship with Del Sol until August, so I am off to Texas to live it up in the heat and culture for 3 months. I’m STOKED! but this means I have lots and lots and lots to do. (including moving out of the Yellow House, which breaks my heart. but.. please refer to the title of this post a la Garth and/or Adele. basically my whole life is flipping upside down and I didn’t see it coming.. but I’m loving it.)


I think I’ve proved my point. so now that you believe me… I have a To Do list that’s like ten miles long.