The Freshness

Well hello dear friends. I have successfully maintained, yet again, my totally unreliable posting habits for another year. Guess I achieved my resolution. Jk. You’re welcome.

But as 2012 has drawn to a close, I can’t help but reflect.
I think this is happening with bloggers and humans (two different things) all over the globe as we speak.. so I’m cliche and it’s whatever. But I would be sad to look back if I didn’t at least document some of the feelings washing over me currently. So, I guess what I’m saying is.. deal with it.

I’ll sum up last year with: 2012 was really hard.

But now come the miracles. You know what I’ve been waiting for for the past 7-8 months. Well, we finally got our wish granted and got an immigration interview appointment for husband. Now we’re just hoping the immigration gods smile upon us and allow him to pass. If he does pass, he’ll be rolling into town on January 29th. (In case you need a recap.. that’s literally in 26 days.) We bought his ticket on faith in advance cuz it would be more than double the price to wait till last minute. We weren’t down for that.
So errbody pray for the consular officer on January 23rd in the Suva Fiji Consulate who is interviewing him.
There are 4 ideal outcomes here:
1. He/she loves Mote instantly and they are able to bond and establish trust while confirming the validity of our relationship and they approve him, give him his visa, and send him on through.
2. He/she pretty much doesn’t give a flying fart and just conducts a quickie 5-minute interview and gives him the visa.
3. He/she is having the BEST day and is in the most giving, happy chipper morning mood and just feels like Mote deserves a good deed and gives him a visa.
4. He/she comes to work drunk that day. Visas all around!

Anyway, regardless of what happens, we’ll be taken care of and we’ll make it.
I just can’t tell you how happy I am to be facing a new year with a new life ahead. The limbo period is finally drawing to a close and I feel like I can wrap up the world and put it in my pocket this year. Kind of.
So.. somewhere in that convoluted thought is the point that with Mote finally here and no more long distance marriage, I feel like I can take anything that comes at me and I’ll be okay.
It seems risky to say, but I almost feel like 2013 will be a payoff year for a long struggle of trying to have faith that it will all be okay.
Obviously it’s not going to be perfect.. but we’ll finally be together, so we’ll figure it out.

I just love the feeling of new beginnings all around this year. Everything feels fresh and surmountable.

I’m dubbing 2013 “The Freshness.”

Hello LIFE.