a mint green makeover

hi friends.

during my superfun period of unemployment.. I have been a little bored, in case you haven’t noticed by the increased amount of blogging. so I’ve taken to doing projects to feel like I am accomplishing something worthwhile.. mostly projects from Pinterest that I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time.

so I just thought I’d post and share a couple of the cool things I’ve done, since I know I’ve really enjoyed seeing what others have done as my inspiration.

the one I’m most excited about, I just finished today, which is my nightstand. I bought this ages ago from the D.I. for $5, intending to paint it.. but have never gotten around to it, due to being “too busy.”

it was a dark navy blue color, which is fine for some rooms, I guess.. but not for mine. it clashed with my color scheme.. and it just looked old and outdated. so I gave it a makeover.

here’s the before:

and the after:

I even mod podged lace onto the front of the drawer and spray painted over it to add a beautiful texture and some interesting detail. I LOVE that part.

and here’s a shot of it in its home, next to my bed. it’s good to have it back after a few days of having all my stuff on the floor while I worked on it.

the other project that I’m particularly excited about was taking my old wide leg trouser pants that I’ve had for years, and finally re-making them into skinnies. I decided it was high time, since I’m about to start a new job at which I’ll no longer be wearing scrubs.. and I need to update my business casual wardrobe, since it’s been awhile. but this kind of updating was for free.99!

I’m sorry I neglected to take before pictures of the pants..

I used this blog as my instruction set. (it’s seriously awesome.. there are some great clothing re-make ideas!)

but here’s a sewing close-up:

and.. sorry for the crappy cell phone aerial view.. I guess if I was a real blogger I would get a tripod and take real photos.. but it’s not your lucky day. also.. sorry for the black pants I had previously been wearing to sew in.. that are on the floor by my feet. sue me.
you get the idea anyway. I wish I’d taken before photos so you could see the difference, but I promise I cut out a LOT of fabric.. and solved the saggy butt problem they used to have. yeah for skinnies!

so all in all.. I’m feeling rather accomplished and proud of myself.

I might tackle a wedding-related project this coming week to occupy my time before July 30th.





3 thoughts on “a mint green makeover

  1. Geez the older I get and the.more children I become a mom to the more dumb I feel for not being able to sew. That’s it I’m taking lessons! I love the lace edition by the way.

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