I couldn’t be any more obsessed with this.

Lift Me Up <—

apparently this girl, mree, is only 18.. and even filmed edited this music video herself. so ethereal.. haunting.. romantic.. fully beautiful.

this is going in my iTunes collection like 10 minutes ago.


my birthday is on Tuesday.

so just in case anybody was feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what to get me,

I’d like:

  • “The Five Ghosts & The Seance” album by Stars
  • This bathing suit
  • A camera case for my new Nikon baby
  • A shellac mani-pedi
  • New glasses
  • A million dollars

but seriously, you guys.

I’m turning 27. it’s making me uncomfortable. I don’t want to be close to 30. I’m not sure why.

30 shouldn’t be such a scary number.. it should feel like an accomplishment.. and a beginning.

but I’m stressing myself out. I think I thought I would have accomplished more in my life by the time I got there.

or maybe when I say, “accomplished more,” what I really mean is.. that I’d be mature and handling life like an adult.. that I’d know more things, and have more experience..

but I suppose that’s the nature of change.. it makes humans feel unprepared and inadequate.

I am so happy to be facing a big fat new marital stage of life in.. 39 days. so excited.

and simultaneously terrified.. less of the marriage than of the part that follows.. the reproducing and parenting part.

or maybe I just don’t want to be 27.


I’m going back to 25.