just when you thought you knew..

we’re about to throw you for a 180 again. well.. not a complete 180.. maybe more like a 90.

but enough math analogies.

what I’m trying (badly) to say is that wedding plans for M and me have changed.. again.. but this time it’s final. for real.
(I know it’s hard to believe me when it seems like it changes every other month, but trust me this time. if you could see me, I would have my most angelic face on.)

so.. this time.. the news is that


with me. in May. I’m sto-hoked, you guys!

I can’t believe the tender mercies that have come to us to make this work out, in the form of generous angels who prefer to remain nameless and answers to prayer.

but because my parents will be there, M says the “three most important people in my life” will be there.. (including himself, of course) we have decided to go ahead and be sealed in the temple in Tonga instead of waiting till the fall in Utah. we don’t want to prolong the blessings of an eternal temple marriage any longer than necessary since my parents get to be there.

so that’s the news.

don’t worry Utah friends and fam.. we are still having a reception in Zion.. in the fall, after M’s green card paperwork processes and we are both in the states together.

(it’s gonna be a looooong summer without him. please help distract me?)

countdown to wife-dom: 64 days!


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