I forgot to point out the obvious.

I just realized I forgot to point out the fact that my blog got a makeover! it’s been.. what.. more than a year since I did anything with the design? two years, maybe? so I decided it was time for a change. and I’m feelin it so far. I hope you are too.

ALSO. now that it’s no longer February, I just noticed that missed my blog’s birthday!

worst. blogger. ever.

but happy 3rd birthday to my blog! I made it to 3 years of intermittent and inconsistent posting what has essentially turned into a public online diary! heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! (<– to be read in your best ghetto voice. out loud.)

and as happy as my nuptial news is.. I also realized another fact.. I can’t really call my blog “The Wilki Way” anymore if I’m gonna be a Havea.

anyone have any clever ideas for when that day comes?


I mean…not Bueller. ..Havea?


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