The Truth About Happily Ever After

The truth about happily ever after
is the part you forgot to include
in all your make believe moments.
Sometimes Ken’s job isn’t awesome
and Barbie’s love handles hang over her jeans
while they bicker about nothing
because Barbie has PMS
and Ken’s got his grouch on.

Sometimes you look at what’s standing in the way of “us,”
and you want to cry a little
because happily ever after’s gonna be hard.
and you know you “knew” that,
but no one really knows that
until it’s breathing in their face.
And it’s still the perfection you saw
from far away and way back when,
but up close you can see
the cracks
and holes
and tears
and gaps
that a distant view didn’t prepare you for.

And you find out you’re not actually a Disney princess,
but you’re his princess.
And it’s worth it.

The fairy tale is that he’s the only one
who can make your heart hit your lips when you see him,
and when he says, “Babe! Love you more!”
you feel like your smile is pulsing through your entire body
and nothing could ever make you sad again
as long as he’s there.

It’s that moment when you start to panic
when you haven’t heard from him
after a fight
and you realize you’d be an empty shell
with a discarded shredded heart
if you lost him
and then he calls,
and you’re so happy, you cry.

It’s when you realize he’s giving up his whole world
just to be with you,
and it hits you that you’re ready to do the same
just to be with him.
It’s when you picture every tomorrow
with him in it–
even old, fat, wrinkled, and beyond.

It’s that, even when you argue,
you always say, “I love you”
before goodbye or goodnight.
And missing him makes it hard to breathe.
And he makes you laugh till your face hurts,
and you do the same.
And you know you’re #1 in his world.

That’s the fairy tale…
happily ever after is messy and complicated…
but it’s supposed to be,
because all the best things in life
require sacrificing the easy way
for the way that’s worth it.

And you’ve decided..
it’s worth it.

so here’s a sappy love song.


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