TX and such

thank you Starbucks for your free wifi and your grande caramel apple spice drink. you are saving my internet-less sanity for a few minutes. being surrounded by the warmth of San Antonio, the din of birds chirping, conversations over coffee, eubonics, a live band singing about Texas at the restaurant across the street, and cars on pavement as the breeze blows through my hair only adds to the sweetness that is this moment. it’s been almost 2 weeks straight that my Mac Daddy has gone without use now, (aside from its daily iTunes jukebox duties) and that is NOT ok, ladies and gents. let it further be known that I do not have TV either, cutting me off almost completely from the rest of society.. but more importantly.. my frustrated boyfriend lives on the other side of the world. kinda need internet to make that work.. and Skype on my phone is def not the same. (but thank the heavens for my phone because I would be 100% screwed without it.)

anyway. I’ve had some peeps ask me when the next post was coming and I am flattered to know that my readers are faithful.. apologies for the delay. would everyone mind offering up a small prayer to the internet gods that something gets fixed pronto so I can re-enter my cyber life? or if you aren’t the praying type you could just chuck them up some deuces so they feel acknowledged and know that their power over my life has been duly noted. I’m considering offering them a sacrifice, but I’m not quite sure what would be appropriate. I’ll continue to brainstorm electronic gifts and get back to you.

SO! the real reason you clicked today was probably not to hear about my internet woes.. but rather what this new adventure in the Lone Star State is like, eh interwebs? eh???
(I’m pretending you guys care a LOT. it makes me feel important.)

so here we go. the pros and cons of San Antonio in typical Aubrey fashion:


1. the sunshine! yes it’s boiling hot during the day already and it’s only barely June, but after that underwater frozen world Utah decided to become this winter/spring.. I was ready.

2. is related to 1. our pool.. which sits in direct sunlight most of the day and is therefore a perfect temperature for dipping and sunbathing. and not only that, but they have a large area of the pool that is only 6 inches deep, presumably for small children.. but I employ it for catching extra rays.. because I am a small child (mentally). I am already on my way to brown-ness of the greatest kind. I have to match my Tongan man after this summer is over, right? don’t judge me.

3. our apartment.. which is super nice and brand new and clean and lovely. I’m pretty sure we are the only white people that live in our apartment complex and I couldn’t be happier about it!! such a nice break from vanilla Utah. I actually feel kind of like I’m back on the mission because this is toootally a complex I would have tracted as a missionary.

(interlude: a fly just landed on my neck and jolted me from my screen-trance and I realized I’m tired of the gruff voice singing songs about Texas. please hold while I initiate headphones/better tunes.)

4. the Riverwalk!! love. this. place. it is absolutely beautiful.. especially at night with all the lights reflecting off the water. observe:

excuse the photo for being a tiny bit blurry. I had no tripod. but you get the point that it’s beautiful. and yes. this place is right behind my work.. and I only live a mile away. I can just prance on down there at a moment’s notice.

5. the Alamo.. I guess. it is directly in front of my work and I stare at it all day long. it’s been weird to process that fact. but I am getting used to it. it’s nice and I understand the significance in its history, but overall… not that much to see. it’s nice. especially on the day when I straight up PLANKED it! in my work uniform and everything. yep. buh-lee dat. here’s the proof:

I know I’m the coolest. don’t be jealous. this can’t be taught.
(if you don’t know what planking is.. google it. it will give you all sorts of answers.)

6. the people. I love Southern hospitality. I don’t think that needs to be explained further. this also includes my co-workers and also my new singles’ ward.. in which the guys are a little too friendly because of the male-female ratio being grossly weighted towards males. they saw new girls and attacked like sharks to blood. I almost busted out my fake engagement ring on them. but dropping the “boyfriend” word around enough has seemed to do the trick. (not for my roommate, however. bwahaha. she’s already been snatched up and we’ve been to church ONE time.)

7. the nightlife/general things to do are exponentially greater than in Utah. it’s super nice. you can go out and find stuff pretty much whenever.

8. the food. what are the kids saying these days? OH-EM-GEE? yeah that. everything is good here. this is apparently the 7th fattest city in the U.S. and I can see why. every restaurant I have come in contact with so far is fabulous. but I refuse to let this go to my butt. I WILL BEAT YOUR FAT, SAN ANTONIO!

9. the fact that the band I saw play at this chill place called The Cove on Tuesday night is currently sitting at the table next to me at Starbucks just havin a little acoustic guitar jam sesh of their own accord. what are the odds? I might go fangirl them in a sec. maybe. the lead singer is this big old black dude with a stogey stickin out of his mouth, the lead guitarist is an average-sized latino, and the drummer is a tiny dude of unknown ethnicity. the lead singer sounds like Cee-Lo Green a little bit.. but put to rock. don’t ask me what they’re called.. but I liked them.


which brings me to my next point:


1. birds pooping! it’s like a fad here or something! get off my shoulder and my car, foo!!! I will cut you!!!!!!!!

2. working like a slave. Del Sol is a fabulous establishment.. but I’m starting to believe I live there. today is the first day I have had off in almost 2 weeks straight. including Saturday and Sunday. fml.

3. Cowboy’s Dancehall. for most people this would probably be a pro.. but that ish was not my scene. it was JAM PACKED with people I never thought in a million years I would see in a cowboy dancehall. like whoa there thug with the dreds.. you diggin this Toby Keith? are you sure? I did double-takes pretty much every time I turned my head. it was dangerous for my neck. and I was way too clothed to be present. I had neither daisy dukes nor cowboy boots. this was mine and Lisa’s reaction:

yikes. get us out of here.
and we fled. after we could finally cart our tipsy roommate along with us.

4. no internet. just thought I’d reiterate that.

5. humidity. it’s actually better than it was in Florida.. so I was prepared for worse.. but it still does funky things to hair. mine just goes curly here, which is fine. but I’ve been rockin a lot of this baby:

yay for hats!

6. the roads and the drivers that go with them. this city is freaking confusing and I’m pretty sure the freeways are just giant dried up snakes because they curve and twist and wind like you wouldn’t believe.

7. the drought. it’s super duper dry and hot here. I have a feeling it’s gonna cook me by the time this 3 months is over.

8. the fact that I am on my feet all day everyday. they are hating me. those wood floors and/or stone sidewalks are not forgiving or friendly. my supervisor said I’d get used to it, but… yeesh. we’ll see about that.

9. the smokers. there are a lot of them here. and they like to blow smoke at me from every general direction.

10. the 40 year-old man that hit on us for literally 30 minutes as we sat at a sports bar and innocently tried to watch the CHI/MIA game. sick.

11. the bird poop that’s on my shoulder. right now.
………………yeah. that.

okay kids. that’s gonna wrap it up for this mammoth blog post. it’s dark now (but the temperature out here is absolutely perfect) and I am gonna make my little way home.

moral of the story: there are good and bad things.. but I’m having fun. it’s all about the attitude, eh?

love and kisses and hugs and handshakes and high fives.