home is wherever I’m with you

just a little classic old school diddy that I’m loving..


the winds of change are blowin wild and free

so it’s been almost 2 months, okay?

…don’t look at me in that tone of voice…


…fine. you want me to prove it?

brief scattered recap of the past 2 months commencing in 5..4..3..2..

Bon Jovi Concert

Festival of Colors

Featured in the SLCC Art Show

General Conference

Girls’ Night Out at The W Lounge
(which got our photo snapped and featured in City Weekly! faaaamous.)

New Rogue Hair 
Kidney Stoner Surgery Part II

Chiddy Bangs and Mike Posner Concert

Ward Carnival/Face Paint Artistry/Helium Balloons

Karaoke Night at Maggie McGee’s with Co-Workers

School, School, School/Projects, Projects, Projects as seen here

my primary distraction…
being head over heels for this guy right here:yeah. in a move that has caused quite a stir, my Facebook status has officially changed to, “in a relationship,” and I have never been so happy.
and in news directly related to that… my ticket is now officially booked (due to the wonderful generosity of my awesome uncle) and…..

I am going to NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!

le sigh…. I cannot WAIT!

but before I do that…

this summer brings me one huge adventure in the form of this place

San Antonio, Texas, baby!! I have been offered a summer internship with Del Sol until August, so I am off to Texas to live it up in the heat and culture for 3 months. I’m STOKED! but this means I have lots and lots and lots to do. (including moving out of the Yellow House, which breaks my heart. but.. please refer to the title of this post a la Garth and/or Adele. basically my whole life is flipping upside down and I didn’t see it coming.. but I’m loving it.)


I think I’ve proved my point. so now that you believe me… I have a To Do list that’s like ten miles long.