it’s pocket grenade time, you hussy.. TAKE IT!

there are a few things you should know.

did you feel that boob stab?

the salute on the boat going by in the background.. KILLS ME. don’t worry that me, Cam, and Chewy all drank some Sun Drop. it’s not amazing, but the commercial makes everything a-ok.

this next one will only make sense if you’ve seen THIS. (dubbed the worst song ever written… gone viral on youtube. warning: you may willfully  burst your own eardrums.) but Glozell.. my favorite youtuber.. illustrates why it’s awesome.

fried eggs.. fried eggs..
did you pee from laughter yet?

if not.. you are a robot. like the girl on small wonder. but maybe this will help:

and if that’s not enough, see this and this.

and the other thing you should know, that isn’t the least bit funny.. but important nonetheless:

or mostly.. rugby players.

and that concludes your weekend education.
you’re welcome.


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