old lady bikinis and the foot bird

the past week has been… ridiculous?

let me break it down a little.

within an hour, I dropped my phone and shattered its screen (it still works but it looks like a spiderweb) and BROKE my toe.

luckily I work with a bunch of medical professionals who helped me put ice in a glove and tape it and wrap  it.. and.. as I changed the ice glove throughout the night, the wrapping probably got worse. eventually the fingers started popping out and I accidentally started flipping the world off for its offenses against me, and thus the foot bird was born:

my students were HIGHLY amused.

THEN.. I went to my figure drawing class Monday and Wednesday this week.. and the model our professor had hired happened to have been modeling in art classes since 1984, kids. yes. that’s before I was even born.
yes. she was old and wrinkly.. and yes. she was wearing a bikini. and yes.. you could see hair where you would NEVER want to see hair. just sayin.


please don’t throw up on your computer. that’s sick.

and THEN.. my work decides to drop a bomb on me, expecting me to be overjoyed and throw a party, that they have decided to merge my two classes into one and I will be cut to part-time. woohoo! yay economy!

so. since positivity is a choice.. let’s talk about the upsides to the week:

I lost 2 lbs.
I won’t have to work nights anymore!!
I have the BEST roommates in the world.. who got me gorgeous tulips and iced my toe and kept me laughing.

Happy Friday!


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