Mustache and Music Monday


now that we’ve gotten that out of the way..

on to the music.

recently I’ve stumbled onto an artist who goes by the name of Whitley. I feel like this is rather unfortunate timing, because after inspecting his myspace music page I see that he/they have done their “last tour ever” this year. I felt a little sick when I learned this, that I came onto the scene so late.. but that doesn’t stop me from being in love with the album, “The Submarine.” I have it on repeat in my car, and I thought you should know about it.

oh, what’s that? you combined a sexy-voiced Aussie with rich acoustic tones, creative beats, and “I-feel-like-I-wrote-these” lyrics? yes, I’ll take two, please.

disclaimer: no, this musical mustache thing isn’t a regular Aubrey blog gimmick. I just liked alliteration. it’s never happened before and I make no promises for repeats. I find that life is much easier to live without obligations and empty internet promises to what are probably fictional readers. plus this way I can do what I want. kthanksguys!


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