thank you times 10,000?!

I’m aware that I’m pretty much a junior varsity blogger as far as popularity and/or hits are concerned. I get that a lot of you out there are like.. super popular.. (say that with a lisp and it’s 10 times better) and get hundreds of hits per day… but here in Little League, I feel like I should celebrate a little somethin somethin.

and that is…..

I just passed 10,000 hits today! whoa bess. 
(a double 5000 all the way across the blog? oh my gosh, what does this mean?!?! )

anyway.. more than anything I just thought I should say






Dhanyabad! (Apparently that’s “thank you” in a language called Bengali in India. language lesson of the day. )    

I love you guys.
pretend we just cyber hugged.


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