you cannot stop it

and then……… last weekend I went to Lake Powell with Cambria, her co-worker, Linda, and family plus cute friend, Amanda, and my friend Dave Glauser and his friend, John. it was a random conglomeration of people. but it was awes. perfect temps, great water, lots of climbing, a nice end-of-summer tan, bomb food, and lots of laughs.

a ver:

and what I particularly wanted to share was this little gem of a video illustrating how awesome Cambria and I are when we get around a sunset, isolation, diet coke, and sugar… but wordpress is telling me something is wrong with the file type, and it is entirely too late to be screwing with ish like that. sorry blog world.

so instead, I’ll just stick in some pics from my phone that I didn’t post to facebook, along with a couple of edits.

and whilst I was in Lake Powell.. and for days before and after that.. my parents were in London.

that’s right.


without me.

and I was bitter.

a little bit.

but it was curbed when they brought me home this hat

plus other cool prizes. AND. English chocolate.

I have died and gone to heaven, folks. I hope you enjoy your time here on earth in my absence.

actually that was a lie. I don’t think I’d be taking the time to blog about life in heaven if I was really there. sorry. I’m not THAT faithful about it.

but it was close.


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