I can’t whisper all of this, and I can’t seem to let this go

my life is complete. I am ready to die. I have seen Something Corporate in concert and I need nothing further.

I went with this dude. some people call him Carson.

pretty sure I was in my own personal bubble of bliss the entire time and nothing could have phased me.

background: SoCo is my all time favorite band. it was love at first listen when I laid ears on the song, “Punk Rock Princess,” as I mopped the floor at closing time working at Arby’s in high school. I found my introduction to legit music. I look at SoCo as my gateway drug and I will forever love them for it. I have so many good memories associated with that music, and no guy has ever ruined them for me. I had never had the privilege of seeing them in concert, however, until last night, because they have not been playing together for a couple of years now. Andrew McMahon, the lead singer, has been ocupado with his other project, Jack’s Mannequin, which is also fantastic. basically… my favorite is any music whatsoever that Andrew McMahon puts out. I am a little in love with him and I can’t explain it. he is a killer lyricist and when he tickles the ivories it makes my heart beat faster.

when I heard that Something Corporate was coming to town on a reunion tour, I almost crapped my pants. I bought tickets in May. the concert was August 21. yep.

so now that you understand the significance, here are some more photos of this epic night for me..


it was everything I hoped it would be. they played all of my favorite songs. I have even now gotten to hear Andrew play “Konstantine” live, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

not to mention.. he played the piano with his hands, his feet, and his butt. you can’t touch that.

and if you’ve made it this far through my ridiculous swoonings, you might want to hear a sampling of their music, which you can find right here.

“you don’t do it on purpose, but you make me shake, now I count the hours till you wake. With your baby’s breath breathe symphonies, come on sweet catastrophe. Well maybe this time I can follow through, I can feel complete, stop payin’ dues, stop the rain from fallin’, keep my ocean calm, this time I know nothin’s wrong.”

and don’t worry that I’m going to see them again next weekend because Cambria talked me into a crazy short wicked awesome road trip to L.A. here I come, Cali!


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