so you know, I usually give a detailed travel log of my adventures outside of the place I live. earlier this month, I went to San Diego with my family. it was perfect. I don’t have the time in my life right now to write such a long post. I will give you a taste of it.

we stayed in a lovely condo that was about a 30-second walk to the beach. I spent as much time on the beach as I possibly could. June gloom didn’t even phase me. I was in Cali.. my haven.

beach activities included:
laying in the sand
sleeping in the sand
getting sand in places I didn’t know could be sandy
bike rides on cruisers on the boardwalk
the best people-watching of all time
beautiful men.. everywhere
boogie boarding
walking along the ocean and thinking things.. things about how insignificant the ocean always makes me feel, and being amazed at its beauty, and wistful thoughts that no girl should be allowed to think
getting tangled up in kelp
getting pwned by the waves
the most romantic long walk on the beach that started with breakfast, included barefoot time on the pier, and ended in a way that will make me smile forever
wishing perfect moments were more than just moments, and that things could be different than the way they are

we spent so much time in animal theme parks, I got kind of animal-ed out. but it was pretty awesome.
Sea World
San Diego Zoo
Wild Animal Park

not one, but two trips to H&M. you better believe it.

we also threw in Old Town, Coronado Island (and I want to have my wedding reception at the Hotel del Coronado someday.. please?), and the Mormon Visitor’s Center.

my wonderful daddy’s birthday

touring some huge old ships and submarines




getting lost

loving every minute.

someday I will live in California. I promise.


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