Frisco, Part II

and then I said to myself.. the time has come to post the other half of the San Fran Extravaganza! I know, it’s been a long time coming now.
and you cheered in your brain.. some of you cheered audibly.. some did a victory dance.. and some spit their water at their computer screen in disgust.. and maybe some just blinked in indifference.
REGARDLESS!.. without further adieu..

Saturday: my actual birthday

we rose early to hit a little place.. you might’ve heard of it.. it’s called Alcatraz. yeah. the prison. only I would purposely go to prison for my 25th birthday.
so we rode a bus trolley thing. I don’t know what it was. and we breakfasted.
while Tara and Ang modeled.
then we waited in line
and we cruised
like this
and then we stopped hiking traffic on the island

it was gorgeous outside. we took too many photos. (this is a shocking revelation. contain yourself.)
we toured the facilities
we cruised back with the Swedes and their bananas. they talked about the Mormons and our lack of beer. they were rad.

then we fooded at Boudin’s Bakery. sourdough bread bowl + clam chowder = wow. and THEN, if that wasn’t enough, we went to Ghirardelli Square. as in… chocolate from the Celestial Kingdom.
and that’s where we met some new friends from L.A. I give you Jon, Tim, Justin, and Ryan:
they were behind us in line. Ryan started up conversation with me. we sat together. Cam made them sing happy birthday to me. we made plans for later.
we went to the Exploratorium.
most.beautiful.grounds.EVER. and they were chock-full of brides being photographed.
inside was a world of magical hands-on science. the following pic was our (mine and Cam’s) favorite part of it. we sat here for ages. on this screen, warmth is white and cold is dark. notice the handprint on my hair where I had just barely touched it. I mean.. where a ghost appears to be blessing me.
Cam bubbled Tara’s head after she got mad at the kids hogging the exhibit.
and many more Exploratorium antics ensued.
then we went to get bay cruise tickets and hit the Aquarium while we waited.
and stuff like that. sharks scare me to the core. I almost ran through that part.
and then we cruised the bay. but first, we posed for the picture that they took of us at everything we went to. we didn’t buy any of them, but I sneaked a phone pic of this one. we smiled like normal and closed our eyes on 3. on purpose. and then acted like nothing had happened. this pic makes me cackle.
the cruise was freaking cold. but we got to sit behind a genuine ed hardy cholo with star earrings and his lady with the shaved and penciled on eyebrows. it was golden.
hey Frisco… you have a cool bridge.
and some cute sea lions
on the way back, poor Angie started to get sick. it happened to coincide with being on a boat that her 24-hour flu bug kicked in.. apparently it came from Colorado where she was just before San Fran. we took a taxi back to the hotel. we had a missionary moment with the cute cab driver. he was in love with a Mormon girl. it was cool. I love the Gospel.
Cam and I prepped to go out to dinner with Ryan and company. Ang was too ill. Tara stayed to keep her company. they surprised us with reservations at the Cheesecake Factory. mmm! it was fab. and we did a little dancing afterwards. it was an awesome way to end a birthday.


go home day. sadface. San Fran cried to see us leaving and rained all morning. our plane was delayed. we spent pretty much the whole day in planes and airports. it was not the coolest. but we did have the most hilarious flight attendant I have ever heard of on the flight home from Phoenix. we were cracking up. I wish I had it all recorded, you would’ve died.
here’s T and me on the plane. (note: despite what it looks like, I am wearing a fedora. not a boat hat. just clearin that up.)
and that’s pretty much what happened.

it was a great way to ring in a landmark birthday. let’s hope this year of my life includes awesome things.
(so far we’re starting off well. I just started a new job instructing a couple of medical administrative classes at a college –yes I just said teaching college. who let me do that? well I found out yesterday that I beat out 30 other people that were interviewed for it. sweet. it’s a pay raise and an awesome opportunity. it started off as stressful for the point of near tears and possible death, but it’s slowly getting better. and my students make it fulfilling because they think I’m a good teacher and they feel like they’re actually learning things. yes. ok. own horn tooted. sidenote finished.)

peace and love.


One thought on “Frisco, Part II

  1. I loved reliving that.

    Is snuck a word? I thought it was but I saw you wrote sneaked up there. Am I crazy?

    What do you think girls who shave off and draw on their eyebrows do when its time to go swimming?

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