hard love is a threat

a bubble of emotion for someone.. people.. caring..
builds up inside me
so intensely
that I don’t know how to cope,
express or release
or implode.

when 7 years of knowing
and best friending
and sharing soul secrets
and nightly phone calls
and unspoken connection
-sometimes spoken-  …perhaps often spoken
and the if-single-marry-at-30 pact
and being a confidant, therapist, and comedy routine audience
and exchanging advice
and growing up
and laughing
are nothing…
because she “sees me as a threat,”
it hurts my heart.

I do my best not to harbor hate,
but I can’t be held responsible
if she suddenly gets picked off.
I wish you could see
that she strips of you of logic
and makes you an abused idiot.
you, even my 4 years past first Facebook friend,
now deleted… twice… by her jealous fingers.
my constant since college freshman year,
now a rarity.

oh so much beef,
… so little ink.

the bottom line:
missing one much loved
who seems to have forgotten
that he hates that his leash doesn’t stretch this long

I love too hard.


5 thoughts on “hard love is a threat

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  2. i’m glad you found me… and vis versa! i totally added you on twitter last night. i haven’t seen you in years – where are you?

    sorry your friend turned out to be less of a friend. even when given an ultimatum when someone decides to cut you out – they suck. get mad… not sad. don’t fret – they are the one missing out on someone genuine.

  3. Sorry you’re hurting. 😦 Here’s hoping this person someday gets the courage up to correct this mistake.

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