he that maketh up chinese proverb…

so last night I’m innocently minding my own business watching “Where the Wild Things Are” (loved it, by the way. it took me so long to see it because I had heard unfavorable things. guess my taste in movies sucks, but I thought it was great.) and texting/browsing the internet. you know.. chillin.. when I get a text from a guy who shall remain anonymous.

it sufficeth me to say that we met him when we went out to eat once.. because he was our waiter and he spilled his guts/life story to us. he was all in love with Cam.. I bit the bullet and let him have my number because she sure wasn’t going to and he wanted to come back to church and try our ward, etc. whatev. so every once upon a random, he’ll text me. it’s always been pretty platonic. I wasn’t the little blonde blue-eyed sparkler that enamored him, you see. but he likes to chat every so often, and it’s always strange. every time.

last night… about halfway into our conversation… he says something weird (as per his usual) and that’s where we’ll pick up:

him: So what’s your story. Age. Education. Family

me: 25 next month. Graduated w/a Bachelor’s in Psych. Oldest of 5 kids.

him: Hmm nice work.

me: Thanks. You?

him: I’m the youngest of 7. All sisters 😦 no degree at the moment.. 23 next month as well.

me: Wow all sisters.. What day’s your b-day?

him: 16.

me: Mine’s the 10th.

him: Ha Ha 🙂 match made in heaven

me: Why, cuz you have to get me a present first? Hahaha. Jk. (I had to throw the “jk” in for good measure. I was starting to get weirded out.)

him: Ha ha. Does a kiss count as a gift 🙂

me: (thinking WTF!?) Whoa whoa, smooth operator.

him: It’s a chinese proverb: “He that kisses on birthday month receive much happiness.”

me: And I think I heard another one that goes.. “he that maketh up Chinese Proverb get much play with ladies.”

him: Ha ha ok ok a little far fetched

him: 🙂 haha miss Aubrey has a bite

me: Haha.. I’ve been through many a smooth talker in my time. You’ll have to forgive my sassiness. I can’t help myself.

him: Nah. Smooth talking isn’t what I’m doing.

me: No?

him: Nope :-$ Just a little flirting.

me: Ah, I see. Ha, what does a dollar sign face mean?

him: Idk. Just happened.

me: It was cute. (in actuality… I was completely mocking him.)

him: Ohh u have a sweet side huh

(uhhhhm…. so I say…)
me: I’m multi-faceted I guess.

and the convo continued a little longer. there was more “flirtation” from him before and after this.

but seriously, guys. he made up a Chinese Proverb to hit on me?
really, though?

what will they come up with next?


2 thoughts on “he that maketh up chinese proverb…

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha! glad it was you and not me. he is cute but really who cries to a bunch of girls while they are trying to enjoy their meal?!~

  2. Ooooohhhhhh…. B, B, B. I almost named the anonymous.

    Why am I not surprised?

    P.S. We all already knew this, but you’re super funny.

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