“don’t have babies indiscriminately”

that is a direct quote from Elder Kree L.Kofford, emeritus General Authority, who gave a fireside for the young single adults of the University 13th and 32nd wards tonight.

basically… he laid. down. the. law.

he talked about the most important decisions that are going to face us in the next 10 years of our lives, touching on:

1. the important of exact obedience being the gateway to true agency

2. when, where, and who you marry are 3 decisions that are of eternal significance — when: as soon as reasonably possible, where: the temple, who: a righteous partner whom you choose by exercising agency and using the Spirit

3. finances should be approached from the opposite mindset than is most common today (i.e. priority goes to time with spouse and children, and then determining the career and financial bracket you can afford to live within.. not pursuing money first and giving the rest of the time you have leftover)

this man… is fantastic. but he does not mess around. you should have seen the faces of the guys in the congregation. he called them out hard, and left no room for excuses. it was the first fireside on dating and marriage that I can remember that actually left me feeling motivated to date. I felt like he had a broadened yet simplified perspective on what’s really important. there’s no reason to give up on finding an eternal companion, but there’s also no reason to waste time with someone who is ultimately not going to help you reach your eternal goals.
bottom line: the prophet and inspired leaders of the church have counseled us to get married, and the reasons for delay don’t stack up against the purpose of life and the Plan of Salvation. it was kind of a face-slap fireside. in a good way. faith and fear do not co-exist and I need to stop being scurred. (because I’m even a gangster when I’m afraid of stuff.)

but I have come to a conclusion:
no more 21 year-olds.

I came to this conclusion a little while ago, but I wanted to type it.
so there’s that.

k. now that I have filled your eyeballs with everything you didn’t want to read about dating and marriage.. I’m done. but it was significant and eye-opening for me, at least.
there are a lot of love/wedding/marriage themes being thrown at my life from various external sources lately. it’s just on my mind, ok?

(disclaimer: this is not intended as an announcement, cry of desperation, pity party, soapbox speech, or cliche exhortation.. it is simply.. what I learned tonight.)


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