I’m riding this horse backwards. hyahh!

the following are my favorite things that have been said to (or by) me in the past 2 days:

“perhaps, but it’s not like you’re a Mexican policeman. bribing usually backfires.”
– John Visser about guys bribing me for dates.

– yelling old guy at the retirement home in a moment of dead silence about my brother as he was standing at the pulpit about to sing in their sacrament meeting and I was about to play the intro on the piano and had to laugh silently through the notes. old people forget how to whisper, in case you wondered. so funny. I heart them.

“I’m having a special?”
– me. confused out of my mind by the dudes working at Pita Pit. (not that funny on a blog. but you can ask Haley. it was so hilar in the moment.)

actual text conversation:
me: “Mario?”
Clarke: “Homework. Maybe if I can get through it really quickly, but doubtful.”
me: “Boo.”
Clarke: “No. I already told you I can’t play. There won’t be any boo tonight.”

and furthermore…

I saw this play called “The Light in the Piazza” last night.. my uncle is an amazing professional pianist and also was the music director for the show. but seeing it made me think three things:

1. I want every adorable vintage dress that was worn in that show. somebody get me the costume director. stat.

2. Italy needs me. about as much as I need it.

3. dang, my family is freakin’ talented. we kind of remind me of the Osmond’s or something.

and lastly… I wanted to post my favorite commercials of all time. because they make me happy every time without fail. in fact, I just giggled out loud right this second. I know you’ve seen them before, but here you go anyway.

I just wanted to add to this post and tell the world that my brother Clarke and I CONQUERED Mario Bros for the Wii tonight. I won’t tell you how many times we had to fight Bowser in his castle on World 8 to do it… ahem… but on our last do or die before we go to bed chance… we WON!!!! it was incredibly gratifying.  it made all of the feelings of frustration and effort (a.k.a. wasted time) worth it!!
k that’s all. since I’m sure this matters a lot to you. but it was awesome to me! WOOT!!!!!!!


One thought on “I’m riding this horse backwards. hyahh!

  1. okay I love those Old Spice commercials (and thus should NOT watch them at work. muffled laughter ensues.)

    and good work on the Mario. If you didn’t do it….who would?

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