letters to everything

dear the Jazz,
I love you. that was rad.

dear Las Vegas,
I’ll see you tomorrow. save me some sunshine, some theatrics, some Kodak moments, and some neon lights. I’m coming.

dear tanning bed,
you sunburned a distinct line around my armpits, which stayed white. it looks hilarious.

dear aloe vera after sun lotion,
you’re a good friend.

dear tax return,
that was cool of you to come early. my credit card bill thanks you.

dear car repair shop guy,
you scared me for a minute with your apparently under-the-table arrangement with the dude who hit my trunk and is paying out-of-pocket. but thanks for resolving it.

dear work,
I won’t miss you all weekend. not even a little bit.

dear goosebumps,
go away.

dear packing,
you are not one of my talents. well.. packing lightly, that is. I am attempting to put an overly large portion of my closet in a weekend bag.

dear dating,
we are on an indefinite break. kthanks.

dear girls in my life,
we need to fill one spot in the small girls’ trip that has recently been vacated to go to San Fran. in April. and you should contact me if you want details.

dear my mission,
I miss you.

much love,



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