mm.. coconut juice

I am going to borrow these images.. and plagiarize.. because I don’t know where they’re from exactly. so.. thanks, anonymous photographers.

I will (fingers and toes and arms and eyes and tongue and legs and.. torso? crossed) be going to the following places within the next two months:

oh look.. this one says his name. thanks, Jim Goldstein. you gem.

this is much-needed..
and just the start to some grand and glorious capitalize-on-the-golden-moments-in-my-unattached-life kinds of plans. especially considering I’ll be a quarter of a century old in under 2 months. the time is now.

to vaguely brush over a couple of them so you can bristle with mild curiosity at my coolness:
a prospective summer internship on a tropical island
another trip to a tropical island in December

I’d like to toast some coconut juice to the pursuit of happiness and stealing your own moments. cheers!


2 thoughts on “mm.. coconut juice

  1. Wait, so…let’s see if I have this straight:

    (2) Tropical Island + Las Vegas + San Francisco = I’m jealous

    Way to be ambitious and lead an exuberant life! 🙂 You’re inspiring. Hm…Italy…

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