my nba boyfriend


let’s talk for a second about the Jazz.

I know, they lost to the lame Lakers last night, and that was a sad day.
but up until that point.. 9 wins straight. boss.

and Sig and I went to the game against the Sacramento Kings just recently.

22nd row, lower bowl. how, you ask? Sig’s mom has a rad home teacher who offered tickets last minute. I had gotten us movie tix already, but we decided to opt for the free Jazz game instead. good choice.


with a special spotlight on my boyfriend…

oops. 🙂

I mean………

Mr. Paul Millsap!

okay, he’s not ACTUALLY my boyfriend. but someday when we meet and he converts.. you know.

or Wesley Matthews. I saw him at the Murray Smith’s the other day.
that was special.

but I wanted to share with you my favorite picture of the night:

hahaha. I’ll let it speak for itself.

and then victory was ours

and pictures of jumbo trons clearly don’t work..

and it rained streamers

and we all lived happily ever after.

oh. and p.s.
are super overrated.
all hairography, no skill. I could have danced circles around them compared to what they were doing.
and I hope somebody out there appreciates my obscure Glee reference. I feel like Mr. Schu just smiled a little.


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