I need a manicure.

but that has absolutely nothing to do with this post.
I am still waiting for Victoria the Volvo to come back to me.

3+ weeks, now. in the autobody repair shop.

this blows.

everyone please join hands and beseech the car gods that they will stop punishing me. please. I think it’s time for them to smile on me now. I’m so frustrated that I’m complaining via every possible method of electronic media. 🙂
(speaking of which, I got a letter yesterday. I have to go to a driver safety class. I have too many points. shocker. but luckily one ticket falls off my record in 6 days. maybe that will help? ..maybe)

and in other news..

Tampa’s coming here on Saturday. staying at my house through Tuesday… oh em gee?

I recommend “When In Rome.” why? because it’s hilar.
no, really though.  that ish is funny. and I love their phrasing of what is already my life motto: “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” 
my attitude has always been, “If I do it, I do it big,” but I might like their way of saying it better.

um.. 32 oz of Diet Coke downed by 10:30am?


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