musical nails on my proverbial chalkboard

Dear radio powers that be..

I am so done with the following artists:

Lady Gaga
Jesse McCartney
Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift
Katy Perry
Pussycat Dolls

if you could go ahead and remove them from musical existence (i.e. STOP PLAYING THEM!!) that would really make my day.

(special mention.. X96.. you really need to move on from Nirvana. pretty sure you are playing something from Nirvana about 40% of the time I tune to your station. there’s a reason everybody else has stopped playing Nirvana. sometimes there are appropriate moments, but they do not occur on a daily basis.)


much love,



2 thoughts on “musical nails on my proverbial chalkboard

  1. um. I just found out by default that WordPress DOES have a like button. it was at the top of my screen, and I think I just “liked” my own post. awesome.

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