I like to blog about things that don’t matter.

ha, I noticed the other day that I primarily post things on my blog that are insignificant.. either because the little things mostly occupy my little mind or I don’t want to talk about the big things. but whatev. sorry I don’t always do the obligatory holiday posts or talk about the significant activities that go on in my life. I’m sure you’d much prefer to read about my latest fashion conquest or the fact that I just made my pizza look like a disaster trying to pick off the cheese and then put the toppings back on and even cut out some of the fat from the ham on the hawaiian slice.. and my co-worker made fun of me. (this is a usual occurance when I eat pizza. there is always a fascinated, amused observer.) or how I found a footie sock and a dryer sheet attached to the inside of my shirt throughout the course of the day today at work. that was pretty awesome.

but guys… isn’t life hilarious?
it’s just too good to be made up.


I got in an accident Monday pulling out of Target because there was a vehicle right in the blind spot behind my panel on the right side of the windshield. didn’t see her till the last second. smashed up Victoria the Volvo on the front right headlight and bumper. (she’s been in the shop since Wednesday.) the poor sweet girl’s SUV was not driveable. the drive train was hanging under the car. towed. citation. (my blessings for going to FHE, no doubt.)

I got in an accident Tuesday. I had just come from a QA critique w/my bosses, listening to myself unknowingly recorded on a phone call. stressful. hate those. waited to get on the on-ramp to the freeway (on the way to go get my car estimated) guy started moving and I pressed the gas and checked my blind spot right as he decided to stop suddenly. bam. damaged the bumper of my parents’ beater car for teenagers – the Esqui (a.k.a. Ford Escort) and the dude’s way old Volkswagon. citation.

then Thursday I was driving Esqui to work and lo and behold she stopped running. stranded on the side of the freeway. oh, wonderful.. I left my cell phone on my bed at home. I waited.. and waited.. nobody stopped. got out and started to hike up the freeway entrance in stiletto heels. finally a lady stopped and let me use her cell phone. dad rescued me and took me to work. turns out the car just ran out of gas and the gauge is kind of sticky so I was oblivious. ridiculous.

due to my excessive issues with vehicles (seriously, do you know anybody who has more car problems than I do?) and the amount of money they cost me, no school for me for now. not panning out. plans have faceplanted.

and not only no school, but plans to move out with Cam and Tara.. delayed. excitement placed on hold.

my job is.. it is.. somethin. burning me out to the core? killing me softly with its song? yep.

due to my recent crippling heartbreak in December, I was sworn to hate men for all eternity, or at least for a few months, while I recovered. didn’t care and nor did I have the emotional capacity to try. nope. boom! steamrolled by a someone who wants to be the someone. maybe a break wasn’t quite in the cards at the moment. he’s moving here from Florida for school. night and day difference in maturity level and commitment. my emotional mind is gradually changing. we’ll see how this goes.  (but what is WITH the long-distance magnetism?! I am a romantic joke!)

and continuing on the plus side, I have the best friends:

  • awesome mini mission reunion with ten of the coolest kids from the FTM at Chino’s homecoming
  • rockin CES fireside “date” with Saucy
  • FHE with Tara and Mark, etc.. which was cool till the whole smashing Victoria thing
  • institute, dinner, hot tub, Wii Super Mario Bros, consistently awesome adventures with Cam Bam
  • Thai Orchid and The Brothers Bloom with Michelle and Cam Bam
  • very amusing Sunday night gatherings at the Reeds

and the list goes on. kind of like how this post has gone on. for a really long time.

k I’m done now. firmly resolute in laughing in the face of whatever life has to throw at me.

it’s a beautiful day outside and I’m off in 30! kisses!


4 thoughts on “I like to blog about things that don’t matter.

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  2. Your poor car(s)!!!! Bad things come in 3s it seems. I’m sorry! But hey, on the other hand, be happy you have such good friends. Specifically I am jealous of yours and Cam’s relationship. Although that sounds super lesbian, but oh well. I remember having a best friend. It’s a super awesome thing! Woe is me, woe is me!

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