glitter snow

today I was a procrastinator.

I went to Target and Walmart twice. I braved the line at the post office. it is the 21st of December. I must hate myself.

but for family home evening we went to Grandma B’s for dinner. most delicious chicken noodle soup I’ve ever tasted. then we went caroling in her neighborhood. it was lovely. my beautiful family sings multiple-part harmony on command. I know you wish we’d sung down all your doors.

and then later, as I exited Target and made my way across the parking lot, I looked up into the yellow street lamp light and noticed that the snow was falling ever so softly, to the point that you almost couldn’t feel it.. and it was so fine and tiny that you had to stop and take note in order to realize what was happening. but when I did, I felt like I was walking through glitter.. a million little floating pieces of glitter.
it was beautiful.

I finally actually feel Christmasy!

and THEN…
I proceeded to drive my mom’s car away without turning the lights on, either because the blonde chunks are getting to my brain or because my car spoils me with automatic lights and I don’t think to do such menial tasks. well I got pulled over. not one, but two cops felt it would be necessary to stop behind me with flashing lights. I was confused. the officer introduced himself, swept the interior of my car with his flashlight, and asked me if there was a reason I was driving without any lights on at all. I was quite surprised, laughed, and turned them right on, explaining that I had simply forgotten and just barely left the store. then I smiled and gave him big innocent eyes. he chuckled and took my license and registration and came back a minute later and said I could go. no ticket. but I’m sure I was a serious threat to public safety. good thing there were two cops there. good thing cops in Layton aren’t evidently bored out of their minds. good thing that was hilarious.
and good thing I proceeded to drive almost the whole way home without lights AGAIN after my final stop. no cops that time. but I must be insanely distracted. thank heavens I almost never drive the car I was in. I’ll stick to Victoria the Volvo and her automatic lights.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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