very supersti-shusss

so last night was super weird for me. I don’t know what the deal was… but I’m blaming it on Friday the 13th.. which will hereafter be referred to as F13 in this post. (kind of like an extra function key I just added to the keyboard of life that probably is getting pressed when the inexplicable happens. i.e. to use in a sentence: “I just got so F13-ed!”)

I went to bed a little late because I was talking to Lau on the phone. and maybe I was subconsciously concerned that I wouldn’t wake up on time? I don’t know. but I got up at like 4:30 in the morning thinking it was time to get up, and that I was running a bit late. I had gone to bed with wet hair, showering after the gym last night (at which.. Cam got stuck folded in half in the ab machine with her chin touching the seat between her knees, and it was definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen this week. I had to rescue her.) I blew my hair dry and did it all nice, and then I turned around and looked at the clock again. um yeah.. it was close to 5am. not 8. so I grumbled to myself and climbed back in the covers and turned off the light.

a little bit later I rolled over and looked at the clock, and the F13 mind control took me over somehow yet again. (aliens? I don’t know.) time to get up. I got fully dressed and ready to go and turned around to look at the clock to realize that it was about 6am. wtf, you guys. seriously.

so I pulled my jeans off again and got back in bed. I wanted to punch my brain. then I slept till 7:45 and was almost late to work.

what the deuce? seriously? why did that whole thing happen?

but the worst part is.. that is the second time this week something like this has happened. but the first time was more legit because I apparently had bumped my clock up by an hour on accident when I was setting my alarm the night before. so I walked upstairs to the kitchen fully ready to walk out the door.. and I realized it was 5am. I was seriously displeased. and, again, went back to bed fully clothed for another 50 minutes. I had gotten up at 4:15am.

bottom line: these interrupted sleep patterns have got to stop. my REM cycles hate me right now.

I got F13-ed hard.


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