that vintage glam gets me right here.

last night I visited my adorable grandparents.
(and let it be known that I have the coolest family..
just puttin that out there.)

anyway, they basically made my life..
like so many people, I have an adoration for all things vintage. they fascinate and inspire me.. they’re usually glamorous or useful.. and they’re always original. it’s really a win-win situation.
and not only that, but I’m kind of a softy at heart.. I have this sentimental side that I sometimes sass over. I hate cheese, but I love legitimate sentiment.
that being said, last night Grandpa Harold gave me a vintage Polaroid camera, an 8mm “movie camera” (as he called it), and an awesome leather camera bag. I know the 8mm is over 50 years old.. it makes that fantastic whirring/clicking noise when you wind it and let it run. I am going to search high and low for film to use in it.. because how amazing would something like that be at your wedding, for example?  luckily, I probably have a couple of years to find it before that happens. and the Polaroid looks like a toy camera. it is boss! I can’t wait to try it out if I can find the right film when they start re-producing Polaroid film in 2010!! and that bag.. I love it. it’s so deliciously .. great.


and THEN.. my great-grandmother (affectionately known as “Grandmother-Great”) had some jewelry out that she was giving to the girls in the fam. I picked this fabulous brooch shaped like jeweled cat-eye glasses.
regretably, I have no photo of said brooch at the moment. but it’s rad.

and finally, Gram brought out her jewelry, because she is just the sweetest lady in the world and wanted to make sure everybody had something. (I know. how cute is she?)
and she gave me this gorgeous gold chain (no, I don’t think it’s real gold) and pink stone necklace that was my great-great-grandmother’s. she told me she wanted to pass it on to somebody who would really appreciate it and why it was so special. I am in. love. with it. she told me my great-great-grandmother was very beautiful and well-groomed.. that she would wake up every morning and put on all of her beautiful jewelry, making sure she always looked just right. I knew the glamorous gene flowed down in my veins somewhere. 🙂 (sidenote: I just re-read this hours later.. and blushed that I wrote “jean” instead of “gene.” actually, I don’t really blush, but I blushed inside …no seriously, I’m kind of embarrassed. apparently I need to actually proofread before I post things.)
anyway, enough yammering.. here’s a pic I snapped of it with my phone last night.





















currently rocking out to: “Rescued” by Jack’s Mannequin


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