so sue me

so my co-worker forwarded me this hilarious email.. and I’m going to include some picture gems from it after I tell you a little story..
when I was at Utah State back in the day, I took a Behavioral Science class. (I have a degree in Psychology.) In this class, we had a rat lab. literally. we had to go to a lab every week and study rats while we changed their behavior with lights, food pellets, and variations on positive and negative reinforcement. I kid you not. animal rights activists.. please do not stone me for my participation. I had to take the class to get the diploma, aight?
my professor was kind of a loon. he was convinced you could make people do ANYthing you wanted based on the reinforcement they received. this is true to a degree, but I’d say he took it to a bit of an extreme.
so anyway. he was one of THOSE professors who gives you purely essay tests. you know the kind I mean.. and considering what a non-fan I was of this class, mostly due to the professor, I rebelled in the form of studying as little as possible. the first exam he gave… bing! 100%, baby. thank you, thank you. the subsequent tests were not as high, because I seemed to neglect the studying even more following that kind of ” positive reinforcement.” anyway, on the lowest-scoring exam I took, there was a question that I had absolutely no clue how to answer. so I wrote, “I don’t know. so sue me.”
… points awarded. (for that question.)
when I got the test back, I told my friend, Buckley, about what I had written. he laughed so hard I thought he would rip his abdomen. he made me cupcakes a little while later that were decorated with “so sue me.”
so. funny. and for the record, I still passed the class just fine.

why do I share this story, you ask?
because these people were even bolder than I was in their test rebellion. a.k.a. failing with dignity.




stick it to the man, eh? 🙂
currently rocking out to: “Drop It Low” by Ester Dean


4 thoughts on “so sue me

  1. LMAO! Oh my…I loved this. There have been times in my life that I have totally called b.s. on a test. I think we all do it…

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