el paquete total

aight, here’s the plan:

1. I marry Michael Buble and we live happily ever after. (holy c to the rap. have you heard his new cd? I l.o.v.e. it. especially at 6am while I am driving to work in Victoria the Volvo. that man can have me if he will just pour that melted butter voice over my ears everyday.)

2. I actually update my blog because frequent flyers are soooo much more interesting to read, and I have slacked off most recently. I admit it, ok?

3. actually, I’ma continue to do this whole post number style because I’m feelin’ it this way.

4. look at how cute my Shandi is while she snuggles with me on the couch watching “John Tucker Must Die”


who needs boyfriends?

5. speaking of boyfriends.. is it just me, or is it raining men lately? my life cycles. it’s kind of amusing, actually… it’s feast to the point where I can’t squeeze everybody in who is pursuing, and then it dies off to famine. right now is a time of feasting. which is flattering and nice, but neither extreme is really preferable. let’s be honest. in between would work.

6. oh do you like my new blog look?
..thanks! me too. I’ve realized that I’m kind of a minimalist. I’m a fan of this look.

7. and that photo in my header.. that is a product of my latest craze. this craze is not a recently developed love, but skills are being a little more honed lately in my community photography class. (see cambria’s blog for details.) but it sufficeth me to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the excuse to take sick-awesome pictures. and yes, I did take the ones of me as well. cameras have this fabulous button called self-timer when you see a yellow bus parked behind bukoos that matches your shirt way too perfectly to pass up. so here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. (most of you have prolly already seen some of them on facebook. I give you permission to scroll past.)

DSC_0065DSC_0055DSC_0023DSC_0037DSC_0063DSC_0066DSC_0192DSC_0003DSC_0086_2 DSC_0105DSC_0067
8. so when a guy decided to be a ****bag and bail on the date HE asked me on without actually telling me that he was going to bail until I asked him what was going on at like 7:30pm the night of… I didn’t care. because I got to have a bff girl’s night with Cam instead. it was way more fun than he would have been, and pretty much confirmed my desire to drop him like a hot potato. we cooked dinner for her family, went shopping for THESE hot shoes:


which are technically for THIS awesome costume:


and then saw THIS movie:

I. loved. it.
it’s totally my kind of movie. I laughed a lot. and I kinnnd of want to be a roller derby girl. kind of. mostly the part where I get to hip-check chicks into a railing. I would rock at that.. if I didn’t fall on my face on those skates.

9. and speaking of falling on your face… I’m terrified of getting the H1N1 virus…. commonly known as SWINE FLU!! (what a heinous name. seriously. those poor pigs who caught it first will go down in history as feo epidemic-causing problem animals.) why am I so terrified?
oh I don’t know… maybe because my whole family has it. in the house that I live in.
so I am walking around in THIS mask:


and quarantining myself in my basement room.. or just not being home at all. I have managed to escape thus far, but my hope remains thin.. unless I can make it to Saturday morning when my mom claims they are giving people the Swine Flu Spray at the Bountiful Reg Ctr. we are going to stand in line with probably thousands of other terrified people to try and save ourselves the misery. I just reallllly don’t want it this weekend. I have too many things going on to stop for the swine flu.

10. I have so many things going on because my life is full of happy. I have the greatest friends (they’re greater than yours. trust me.) and the awesomest family and the most amazing church and the funniest co-workers and the most entertaining love life… I could go on. but basically I am pleased.

and also, I can’t wait to see THIS movie:

11. and I never told you about events like Jackson Hole or camping up Bountiful Peak/Farmington Canyon or conference weekend when my missionary peeps all rolled into town or the Mexican Catholic wedding or sewing bags with my best friend craft club… these were all things of the best kind that happened to me, and I think I don’t feel like typing out more details about it right now. so there’s that.

anyway, this post has been jam-packed. I hope it went okay for you. I know it was probably a lot to take in.
sometimes I feel intimidated when I read other people’s blogs and they are just so COOL and happy and beautiful and radiant and sparkling and clever.. you know?

but after all is said and done, it’s still my little blog.. so here, you still just get me. and that’s it.

I love you guys.

Currently rocking out to: “Falling Slowly” by The Frames
and  “Worn” by Sherwood
(soapbox second: go check out this album, “Qu,” by Sherwood, that just came out. it’s $3 on Amazon right now, and you will be blown away at the level of good music that gets thrown at you for mere pennies. I almost feel like a thief for getting it at that price. support the music!)


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