and the moral of the story is…

don’t speed in construction zones, no matter how annoyed you are at the slow cars trapping you on all sides in a deliberate let’s-promote-road-rage-pack and you want nothing more than to break free and get past them, and no… not even if you are supposed to be to work in 9 minutes… or if both of those things happen at the same time.

there is a d-bag waiting for you.



down with commuting.


4 thoughts on “and the moral of the story is…

  1. As of today I will add, pay attention to all stop signs, especially when the intersection has flashing red lights and you know a po po is a block behind you. FML.

  2. Touché! [applause]

    The worst is when you’re speeding or doing something illegal and you think to yourself, “If there was ever a day I was going to be caught be a cop for doing this, it would be today.” And then, inevitably, you are pulled over. And you keep thinking to yourself, “Why did I have that thought?!”

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