oh, and one more thing.

I know, 2 posts in one day. I’m amazing. but I thought I should probably update you on the current sitch..
because my brief stint of returning to school was short-lived. for now.

I have officially withdrawn from school at the U as of yesterday, with an honest sense of relief.. why, you ask? well it ISN’T because I love my beloved alma mater ANY less. I’m red ’till I’m dead. but it’s because after having studied programs a little bit more, talking to friends in the field, and doing a bit of soul-searching.. I decided that a whole new 4-year bachelor’s degree on top of another is not exactly what the doctor ordered. (pah. that was accidental, but actually, if I had done that, I might has well have been GETTING a doctorate degree, for the amount of school it would have required. snaps for unplanned cleverness!)
I have discovered that, within the realm of graphic design, what really counts is a good portfolio (requiring, obviously, a solid knowledge of software and design principles) and networking.. not so much a 4-year degree from a prestigious university. AND I have been looking into the program at SLCC (a.k.a. SLLLICK!) and have learned that they actually have quite a good design program that seems to be just exactly what I am looking for. not to mention the amount of money I’ll be saving on tuition! (insert happy sound effect of choice here.) it will be a 2-year program, much more do-able and much less.. you know.. hopelessly daunting than a whole new 4-year stint that makes me feel like I’m starting from square one as a trembling little freshman.

my plan is to start there in January, after I have been able to purchase a laptop and all the necessary pricey software, and build up an online portfolio as I go, hopefully acquiring some small contracts and working my way up. I will be creating a website for my art within the next little while, so I hope you’ll all help me get my little name out there into the big world. scary, but yay for pursuing dreams!
now, doesn’t this feel better? …I completely agree.


3 thoughts on “oh, and one more thing.

  1. Good thinking. I have a friend in graphic design, and she never got her degree. She has a sweet portfolio and a rockin’ Mac laptop (as you now have too, right?). She’s worked her way up in the business world and is a Marketing manager now. I’ll introduce you two sometime.

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