coming to grips

ever since I served my 18 months in sunny, humid, sweltering Florida… my blood has thinned. and I mean that literally. a girl who worked in a blood lab who was in my student ward confirmed this scientific fact. blood actually gets thinner in warm climates. I used to be a champ in the cold.. I was reared in Utah where it goes all freezing from October to sometimes even May. I know about snow and ice (both black and white) and frost and hail and freezing rain and inversion and all those other inclement weather vocabulary terms. but now.. I am weak sauce. completely. absolutely. weak. sauce. (i.e. I am wrapped up in a blanket in my office as I write this post because it’s SO BLOODY COLD IN HERE!)
I can’t hack it anymore. and I just have been wanting and wanting for the summer to hold on and heat me.. to lay on more sand grains and let those rays sweep over me. to deepen and tone this bronze glow I have been working on.. (WHICH, by the way.. leaves SO frustratingly fast. why must it fade away so quickly? come on damaged skin cells! stay with me! I thought you loved me as much as I loved you!)
but now.. I am finally coming to grips. I have re-awoken to the realization that fall is my absolute favorite season.. it always has been. I love the colors, the leaves, the clothes, the smells, the feeling, the sports, the holidays, the inexplicable undertone of exciting promise that always dances around me as it approaches.. it’s beautiful.

thank you, fall.. autumn.. otoño.. whatever you want to call yourself.. for helping me love you again.. even if you drag ice behind you as you go, I shall enjoy your every lovely moment.


One thought on “coming to grips

  1. Ohhh… I love fall, too! I might say it is my favorite also. But, I say that every time the season changes.

    Let’s go carve pumpkins and go for a drive up the canyon to look at pretty fall colors and get lost in a corn maze and eat candy corn (oh yum!) and plan costumes and make pie and buy jackets. Deal?

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