get your hairrrr did

so I don’t know if this happens to anybody else, but do you have moments fairly often where you just think, “I should blog about that.” and then.. when the blank blog screen is staring you in the face, every one of those moments has somehow completely left you?
well it happens to me.

but I do actually have a subject to blog about right now… I just know that I’ve thought that I-should-blog-about-that thought various times the past few days, and now I can’t remember which other things besides the thing I’m already gonna talk about were the things that went flying through my head at the time.  got that?



what would you say if I did……

Picnik collage

to myself?? eh? ehhh????



………….ok, ok.. PSYCH!
that is not true. cheap hide your hair in the collar because the layers are so chunky they look legit parlor trick. it was an accident and I took pics because it amused me a little.
I did not chop my hair off to my chin. and I wouldn’t either, so don’t tell me I should. I don’t like short hair on me. senior year of high school was the last time that will be happening, except maybe when I get old and have to rock the grandma ‘do.

this is what really happened:











okay so maybe I just put that second picture on because I think I am a rockstar.
maybe I like it that way.
don’t judge me.

thank you Sigrid for your sick hair skills. bing!
y’all should get your hair done by her. she’s good.

with this ‘do and my new ride.. I am practically a new woman these days!


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