who needs alarms?

so.. tender mercies are lovely things. they are like little treats that God gives us throughout the day to keep us sane. for example (I hope you like run-on sentences. get ready.), this morning, Heavenly Father decided to throw a cobra into my dream while I was canoing through this line of crazy military baracks with some friends from my mission, into New York City, that for some reason had water for streets, and made this cobra (who could swim?), in a rather terrifying and startling incident, get its tail stuck in my swimsuit bottoms and turn around and bite me.. causing me to wake up at 5:45am, as I had to leave at 6 and had apparently forgotten to set my alarm.

…I didn’t say he didn’t have a sense of humor.
but I made it to work on time, and the graveyard lady was grateful she could go home.

and in other news, I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life I have ever worn a ponytail to my first day of school. but when you only have dream cobras for alarms, there isn’t much to be done. and maybe I am growing up to where I don’t care so much how I look on the first day of school. maybe this whole thing is still weirdly surreal to me, like I’m not actually going back. we’ll see how it goes. Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be interesting.. 8 hours of work + 6 hours of class = one tired Aubrey.
yeah buddy!


I eat my applesauce with a fork.

right now I am eating applesauce with a fork..
because sometimes you only have what you’ve got.
I read a pretty little quote today that said: “Bloom where you’re planted.”
I’ve decided that there are so many lovely little things in life just waiting to be savored that we pass over daily because we are caught up in the “I wish’s” and the “why me’s” and the “if only’s”, or the deadliest of them all.. the comparisons.

so here’s to comparing yourself only to yourself,
remembering that children laugh at simple happiness for a reason,
knowing that your dog’s tail is wagging because you just walked in the door,
always dancing when the music comes on,
and letting your tastebuds soak up pretty thoughts from chocolate.


if unicorns were real, that’s what they would sound like

my co-worker just said those exact words to me after I stretched and squeaked. so I thought I should share with everyone that I can make a unicorn noise.

and also, guess who never takes pictures anymore? yeah, that would be me. I’m pretty sure it’s because of my lack of a legit camera that isn’t a phone. my actual camera broke after the mish. sooo.. I pretty much am not half as click-happy as I used to be.

I probably should have taken some pics this weekend, cuz it was pretty memorable.  Friday I hit up a bbq with some awesome peeps and then the new G.I. Joe with guys from high school that I haven’t seen SINCE high school, who are both awesome. let’s summarize the movie as.. a testosterone fest with eye candy for both sexes.. I’ll watch Channing Tatum as long as they’ll let me. 🙂 I actually liked it. it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I liked it. it was a lot more space-age technology and submarine underwater battle than I thought would come from a supposedly U.S. Army movie.. but whatever.

and Saturday was Warped Tour.. pretty much exceeded my low expectations. there were quite a few decent bands, despite me originally thinking the lineup wasn’t that impressive this year. I didn’t get to everyone I wanted, but such is life when there are like 564302 bands playing the same show at the fairgrounds. I DID get to see (in no particular order):
All Time Low – missed half their set due to navigating the will call line and forgetting stuff in my vehicle, but what I heard was legit.
Hit the Lights – funny intro.. Christina Milian, “AM to PM.” (you know the one.. “somebody hit the lights, so we can rock it day and night, people gettin down, that’s right, from AM to PM. Woo!”) not super impressed with their live show. or their pervy potty mouths. watched half the set.
Ivoryline – let’s be honest.. sweet mustaches. good tunes.
Less Than Jake – only heard part of their set. good. Alex of All Time Low called them “mythological creatures,” they’ve been doing this so long. agreed.
Friday Night Boys – met the lead singer Andrew, super nice guy with awesome hair, gave me a free poster and sticker, kind of shafted my friend Fudge. haha. played a good set.
Valencia – awesome set. one of the best of the show. sold their cd for $2 because they’re all about the music rather than the fame and scrill.
You Me at Six – British! this was my first exposure to them.. I felt good about it.
Meg & Dia – I know everyone thinks this is a weak girl band, but I have to give Utah girls props for being out there making their music and rockin Warped Tour.
Cobra Starship – very entertaining show, despite the constant stream of curse words. several guest singers from other bands in the show, which was an excellent touch. I wanna play the keytar. 
Sing It Loud – poppy sound that’s catchy and fun. definitely easy on the ears. lots of swinging hair from surfer boys.
Forever the Sickest Kids – SUPER good set. I really like this band. and they were super funny and entertaining to watch without the dirty uneducated grime.
Bayside – always a classic. listened to them in the late afternoon sitting on the grass watching nothing but people’s backsides standing in front of me when I started to hit the tired wall.
Senses Fail – only saw part of their set because I wanted to see someone else at the time. which one it was.. I couldn’t tell you. Senses Fail is sometimes a bit too screamy for me, though.
Innerpartysystem – favorite surprise of the day. LOVE their fresh techno rock sound. bought their cd. very cool.

least impressed with: NOFX. (or rather.. most UNimpressed.)
okay so that’s my assessment of recent pop culture. any questions?

also yesterday I had to work during most of my fam’s awesome day in Park City riding all the rides and enjoying themselves while I sat in an office talking to crazies on the phone. but I did join them after I got off.. and got an adorable dress, gladiator sandals, and 3 t-shirts.. all for killer deals. yeah-yuh! and then we hit up Arby’s and the Salt Lake Bees game! it was pretty much awesome. mostly because my brother Clarke and I are ridiculous when we get together. and when I say ridiculous, I mean hilarious.


get your hairrrr did

so I don’t know if this happens to anybody else, but do you have moments fairly often where you just think, “I should blog about that.” and then.. when the blank blog screen is staring you in the face, every one of those moments has somehow completely left you?
well it happens to me.

but I do actually have a subject to blog about right now… I just know that I’ve thought that I-should-blog-about-that thought various times the past few days, and now I can’t remember which other things besides the thing I’m already gonna talk about were the things that went flying through my head at the time.  got that?



what would you say if I did……

Picnik collage

to myself?? eh? ehhh????



………….ok, ok.. PSYCH!
that is not true. cheap hide your hair in the collar because the layers are so chunky they look legit parlor trick. it was an accident and I took pics because it amused me a little.
I did not chop my hair off to my chin. and I wouldn’t either, so don’t tell me I should. I don’t like short hair on me. senior year of high school was the last time that will be happening, except maybe when I get old and have to rock the grandma ‘do.

this is what really happened:











okay so maybe I just put that second picture on because I think I am a rockstar.
maybe I like it that way.
don’t judge me.

thank you Sigrid for your sick hair skills. bing!
y’all should get your hair done by her. she’s good.

with this ‘do and my new ride.. I am practically a new woman these days!