some kinda weekend warrior

this weekend was the business. let’s talk about it for a second.

firstly, I went boxing. for the first time in my life. and I think I might be in trouble because it was way too fun! my co-worker somehow convinced me this would be a good idea, so I went. I sparred with the trainer, primarily, and also did some workout with the bags. but he taught me how to jab and swing, and he was very impressed with my natural ability. he said beginners starting out on their first time usually do not throw straight punches, but every single one of mine was straight. direct quote from him to my co-worker, “she’s a friggin prodigy!!”
so… good thing I have a hidden boxing talent. don’t mess with me or your nose will be broken. (and let’s be honest, there’s a certain somebody that lives in a certain somewhere else who’s certain nose I would like to certainly break right about now. that certain somebody is certainly lucky for now.)



then I went directly to meet my friend Fudge for lunch at Macaroni Grill. mhmm. delish. in fact, I will be eating my leftovers for dinner at work tonight and I am looking forward to it.

and then that evening I hung out with my other friend Willis. we went to the Gateway and shopped.. made fun of the ever-present supply of weirdos.. took away his Cafe Rio virginity cuz he’s from Alaska and they don’t have that blessing there (I was sooo sick after all this food).. then hit up a fireworks show for Pioneer Day, and topped off the night watching The Dark Knight (since he just got home from his mission 2 mos ago and is still all movie-deprived). it was a sweet day.

next day: Friday..

work. bleh.
then I get off and Cam helps convince me to skip my family breakfast up the canyon for an overnight trip to Bear Lake with a group of friends staying at Angie’s cabin. oh man.. what a good time! we chilled at the cabin Friday night.. including dinner, dance party (mostly just Megan and me busting a move with our gangsta swagg while everyone took pics and laughed at us), sitting by the fire, iPod karaoke… laughing our butts off, movie — Bride Wars, me too upset to finish it because of text convo with said certain somebody above. next day we have a delicious breakfast and hit the beach for most of the day, come back and eat dinner and then watch Meet the Parents.
(everyone else played photographer on this trip. so I really have few to no pics of it.. until they tag me on Facebook. baha. except for these.. the view from Ang’s cabin, and me laying out on the beach, with somebody’s canopy in the background.)



then we get home finally at 11ish and Cam and I go to Walmart to pick up Linger Longer supplies for Sunday.. (i.e. the opportunity to eat, mingle, and “linger longer,” if you will, after church in a singles ward so everyone can make friends, fall in love, and feel included. I am the chairman of this committee and it is a big job.) I go home and Willis wants me to come over and play games at his cousin’s house. so I go over there and we play Apples to Apples.. and then make a Beto’s run for horchata. I go to bed when it’s basically the morning and fall asleep in between setting the time on my alarm and actually sliding the button over and turning off the light. I miss my morning meeting and Sacrament Meeting, (woops) but make it halfway through Sunday School and put on the Linger Longer. it goes well.

I go home and take a nap and then Tiff and Mark and fam and Steven come over for dinner. I heart my family. we walk to the park and Tiff’s adorable kids play.. along with all of the adults. here are the twins, my little cousins, Jackson and AJ, sliding down the slide..










followed closely by Steve (my uncle)

 and then we ate german chocolate cake and ice cream. mm.

so that’s the skinny. and the fatty, considering all the food I just mentioned was involved. yikes. my poor body.. I should prolly quit food for awhile. but will I?

and guess what else? the air conditioning at my work is broken and I am sitting in this cell that is hotter than hades right about now. oh joy.



2 thoughts on “some kinda weekend warrior

  1. Hey Aubrey………I found your blog because I was looking at Brooke’s and then I looked at Whitney’s (I hired her right before Wellplace decided to tell me good-bye). Brooke told me you are back at Wellplace and hopefully things are going well for you. That office was always too cold or too hot so it made me laugh when you said the AC was broken. Your blog is cute! You seem just as crazy and random as ever. Your calling as Linger Longer Coordinator sounds awesome and very important!

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