quick!!! somebody stop me before I buy these at the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!!!…


I want them. and I am breaking the 10th commandment.

but I shouldn’t… because today I am going CAR SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I feel like a little kid at Christmas about to wet myself with excitement! I just want work to be over so I can go.) I am officially pre-approved for my loan as of yesterday. yusss. and now I just have to pick which car I want. but those True Religions are distracting me. and you know.. that whole tuition thing. and cell phone bill. and insurance… but they are SO cute.

and guess what else? I officially love A&W. I have never eaten there until like two weeks ago.. when my mom and my sister and I stopped for a root beer freeze. oh mylanta. so delicious. and today I just ran there for lunch.. they were so nice! the drive-thru guy purposely went out of his way to figure out how to make my meal cheaper as a combo. and then the other guy told me he made my freeze thicker than normal as he handed it to me through the window. now THAT is service. good work A&W boys! it’s probably such a bomb place because it bears my initials. 🙂


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