soft eyes

when feverish declarations freeze into distance, heartbeats melt into water.
turning on a dime makes you wish you would have been careful–
that you would have heeded uneasiness and held onto the brick wall.
you could have predicted immaturity and inexperience if you didn’t let screaming persistence choke out reason…
if you didn’t open that heart gate, and make your eyes go soft.

it was probably one of the farthest entries since heart break.
but never again will you pass off red flags for surprise…
no matter how fast your pulse goes
or how many stamped, sweet-smelling lines filled with words too soon land on your knees.

you already knew, but time away brings blur with it…
and you were lost in ribbon blindfolds.
ideas dancing on practical toes are beautifully fickle… they take you to too good to be true for awhile,
and you never see teardrop waivers.

maybe someday you’ll fold.
maybe honesty will match beauty for a minute.
maybe you’ll forget why it couldn’t.


4 thoughts on “soft eyes

  1. I also stumbled upon this by accident it was like a sparking pebble in the midst of a tearful stream. Your poetry is lovely.

  2. Oh my good lord. I stumbled upon this accidentally. This is beautifully written. It caught me from the first line gripping me to finish. This is really well done! 🙂

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