Today I wore 4″ heels

and I am fine with it.

back in the day.. when I was rockin elementary, junior high, and even high school.. I pretty much hated being tall. I am 5’9 1/2″.. and that’s significant for a woman, considering the average male height is 5’10”. I have always heard exclamations on how tall I am my whole life. and don’t even get me started on school dances. I grew up feeling awkward and self-conscious about it. but now I am fine with it. I can reach things, I can see in a crowd, and I could go on America’s Next Top Model if I felt so inclined.

and despite the impossibility of finding pants, the trouble fitting into the backseat of the car, and the slimmer range of men I am willing to date, you know what gives me the most consolation?
how fat I would be if I were short!!

anyway. why am I blogging about this? because I just realized that there are 3 other girls in my office who are actually taller than me. count ’em, 1-2-3! I can’t even believe that. that NEVER happens to me.

it had to be shared with the world. and so did this hombre’s shirt.



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