my Dolce and Gabbanas drowned.

dear DG shades,

I loved you. you were so good to me in the short time we were together. you came to me as a ray of UV light protection in the Kona Coffee Plant gift shop, and you stayed with me through that 10 hour bus ride tour of the Big Island. you did not even act like the fake $10 knock-offs you were. you were there when I got my wicked awesome henna tat down the back of my arm and when I got kissed in the street by crazy Justin and followed around like a puppy by Gary the hot gypsy for the rest of the day. you were there on the beach and in the delicious restaurants. you were there when I rode my pretty white charger Kakia, who was a.k.a. the Undertaker, through the Hawaiian valley. you were there when the psycho tour guide Deva put our lives in jeopardy taking us back as I rode in the front seat of his Land Cruiser and he got on his self-righteous kick of who has the right of way on a dirt road and purposely rammed the car into some tourists’ vehicle on the cliffside and told them to go back to the mainland where they belonged. you were there on the plane ride home when my heart was breaking, and the exhausting 24 hours of travel that worsened the pain of leaving. you were there when I drove to work everyday, and every time I missed those palm trees and hibiscus flowers.
and you were there when I tubed down the Weber River today.. you were there when I almost drowned while the rapids flipped me upside down against the giant boulder and pinned me with the tube with my face stuck underwater in a rock crevice and panic filling my everything.. and there you stayed. you gave your life for me and I didn’t even notice until we were ten minutes down the river.

you were such good hater blockers. you will so be missed.





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